‘MY PRIVATE NO’ to the IEEE Editor-in-Chief, Jocelyn Chanussot, meant ‘HIS PROFESSIONAL NO’ to me! Sexual harassment as a tool for cultural discrimination

I hope my story will be heard by many male and female young (early career) professionals in science and engineering. I have decided to be open about some personal details; I apologize very much for that but I am protecting my private image and my professional reputation. Cultural discrimination in science is taboo; it is happening and it should be stopped.


POST #1 – Posted on Nov 29 2013

‘MY PRIVATE NO’ to the IEEE Editor-in-Chief, Jocelyn Chanussot, meant ‘HIS PROFESSIONAL NO’ to me! 

I suggest Jocelyn Chanussot (JC) should stop disgracing me as a woman, because of my cultural/religious background. I suggest JC should stop turning other colleagues, especially those with the same cultural background as mine, against me, in the name of his sensitive and inappropriate games. While, on a small scale, sexual games are appealing for some colleagues, on a large scale these games can be a dangerous tool when used against the young professionals of a particular cultural/religious group. That culture is certainly losing its potential experts that way. JC wanted me to lose my status and reputation while he was offering me professional advances. JC did not target me because he respected me or respected my culture/religion; he did not target me because he wanted me to professionally succeed; JC targeted me because he simply wanted to manipulate me privately and professionally while disgracing me in front of other colleagues, especially those of the same background, making a gap between people of the same culture/religion, which he dislikes. This ‘rabbit-who-feeds-dogs-to-dogs’ discriminative approach should not be happening in today’s civilized society.

My maturity allows me to be open about this ‘spying’ sequence of my life and say openly that in my life there is no place for sexism and harassment, discrimination, professional bullying, or crime. This is MY background indeed. I reported the case to IEEE and to the French Ministry for Human Rights and Human Rights Tribunal.

My life was not very different from the typical life of a hardworking professional woman, until recently. Being a mother of two for almost three decades, a spouse, a daughter, a Canadian immigrant; being a student, a doctor of science, a researcher, a professional consultant, and an university lecturer looking for a permanent academic job, I didn’t have time to fool around.

An invitation by Dr. Jocelyn Chanussot (JC) to serve as a program committee member at his IEEE WHISPERS conference came to me as a surprise; I accepted the invitation, as I felt that I was finally being rewarded for my hard work by a prominent IEEE JSTARS/GRSS Editor-in-Chief. Several months later, JC started feeling very comfortable in using heavy sexual and rather vulgar language in his official university emails while trying to draw me into a relationship. Soon after, JC suggested in his emails that I join the IEEE GRSS AdCom (Administrative Committee) meetings and eventually become an AdCom member. In his emails, he was persuading me that I was a competent professional and to join the group. Although I had been involved with IEEE GRSS since 2002, the idea of joining AdCom was not that appealing, and in my emails, I commented that I did not have a desire to join the Committee, for several professional reasons. However, because of his constant persistent emails, I decided to approach the president of IEEE GRSS, Jon Benediktsson, and some other colleagues and ask for their permission. I also contacted the IEEE GRSS Chair of Nomination Committee, David Goodenough, who was also my PhD external adviser some time ago. All communication was done through emails. As they all supported the idea, I joined the Committee, and then slowly, I tried to participate and get involved in a couple of professional directions. As I am a strong opponent of any correlation between private and professional advancements, I was extremely careful about documenting every possible professional step, from permissions to thank you notes to AdCom for attendance, and beyond. It was my professionalism and awareness that allows me stand strong right now.

I continued presenting at the IEEE GRSS conferences and volunteered as a session chair and reviewer. In the meantime, I initiated an IEEE GRSS Chapter in Europe, served as a guest editor, organized the IEEE GRSS Linkedin site for the Women in Geoscience and Remote Sensing, and at the moment I serve as the chair of the IEEE GRSS Summer School.

However, the moment I realized that conference hotel rooms have spying eyes and ears within the framework of data fusion and remote sensing, and when I overheard unpleasant WHISPERS about some female and male young professionals, I immediately started withdrawing myself from the relationship with JC. The moment I felt that JC started taking advantage of me, I decided to stop the relationship.

Then, suddenly, a bulldozer came to my life. It wanted to destroy everything I built for almost three decades, to erase all those years of hard work, long hours devoted to research and teaching, all the rewarding evaluations from my students, and all family time sacrificed for my profession, everything.
I was being professionally punished.

And so ‘MY PRIVATE NO’ to Jocelyn Chanussot meant ‘HIS PROFESSIONAL NO’ to me! And much more!

These are the facts:

Immediately after, some AdCom members started ignoring my professional emails. My paper submission to IEEE JSTARS was completely ignored! In the meantime I accepted a contract teaching position at a prominent Canadian university. Soon after, I was short-listed for a permanent position with all advertisement details perfectly matching my skills. Then, just before my interview I overheard the comments with highly private information of me. I recognized immediately the path JC had chosen to continue damaging my professional and private image. Not just that he used his professional seniority but he targeted me (directly and through his supporters) using the private information assembled beyond my awareness.

Foreseeing the potential problem that I might face in the interview process for the permanent position, I started preparing my presentations with the help of several internationally recognized professors and researches, and put in my maximum effort in preparing. Everything was at the top of my professional abilities built on already established professional success as a senior lecturer.

  • I went through the entire interview process, performing extremely well in opinions of many colleagues; however, the position was suddenly cancelled.

Then, I used pattern recognition techniques to analyze my conversations and emails, the situations, conference events and observations, my photographic memories, related findings on the web, the changes in behavior and the comments of a number of senior colleagues, the behavior and comments of a number of young professionals, their cultural/religious backgrounds and their private connections….and one phone call.

The damage to my professional career has not stopped.

  • Although being an active reviewer for years, I stopped receiving IEEE GRSS papers to review. Along the process, I was refused to become a senior IEEE member, based on the reference letters of JC and the Chair of the IEEE GRSS Nomination Committee, although I was strongly recommended to the position by a prominent colleague who knew all about my engineering, consulting, research and scholarly experience. I was suddenly excluded from the AdCom invitation list. Behind the website, I was downscaled from a program committee member to a fictional ‘sub-reviewer’ position within the Easy Chair Whispers conference software, and it was suggested that I “sit out” from the Women in Engineering and Science group, all documented.

I finally understood why I felt uncomfortable with a number of discriminatory remarks related to Christian/Catholic culture made by JC, with emails where JC suggested that “All Germans should be killed”, and with a sarcastic comment about some religious colleagues; with his emails where he was using a disgracing term of “shared” Eastern Europeans; then where he associated me with the situation of “funeral party” and “not having faith” when I refused to meet him; where he used a charming approach to threaten me, expressing that he would “find me wherever I hide”; emails where he offered me a free IGARSS conference registration fee in exchange to visit him; where he expressed his desire to own people through sex; and, at the end, where he wrote that “only the fact that I will pay THE special consequences keeps his anger down”. What JC did was heavy sexual harassment, crime and professional bullying because of my cultural/religious background.

Then he claimed that “sex with everybody” and “great sex for everyone…with him, makes finally the world with perfect harmony”, as JC wrote in his email. This is not in agreement with my beliefs and it does not deserve any comment from me.

It is interesting to mention that in one of his emails, JC suggested how some young professionals, were extremely manipulative and negative, using him and his “dear” colleagues/friends to gain professional positions; he was simply disgracing them in his email (and disgracing his dear colleagues/friends through them!). JC did not recognize that in the same email, he was accusing me of the same manipulation, choosing him as “a target to success”. Who would question a male senior scientist, with an adequate background, of being tricked and used by a number of young male and female professionals of the Christian cultural background? Or, can this simply help JC in many different ways to fast-track his professional career and also help IEEE to become the biggest if not only engineering society?

Then, I entered the era of serious threatening junk-like emails showing handicapped and blind people as “the last option that someone is keeping under his sleeve”. I have been receiving ‘women-disgracing’ emails, emails suggesting that there are “much more people involved than I think”, ‘army force-involving emails’, emails with ‘sexual and violent’ content, a Facebook site with my name on it and a deadly threatening picture, viruses in email attachments, etc. etc., all related. I recently reported all this to Interpol in Lyon.

And now, enough is enough!

The truly valuable thing about all this is that I have received tremendous support from several male IEEE colleagues, as the whole situation is not a secret.

Granting the professional awards, promotions and positions to young male and female professionals and involving them in private relationships at the same time, make young professionals vulnerable to being disgraced. They can be blackmailed with their private information while developing their professional career. This locks a young professional’s ability to react and to reject the situation as becoming more prominent. Being involved in such a situation, a young professional is easily and constantly manipulated privately and professionally, as well as privately and professionally against/from others in many different aspects. This is a well masked but serious discriminative problem. An Editor-in-Chief should be a person who facilitates equal rights of all professionals, regardless of their racial and cultural/religious background, sexual orientation, gender, private beliefs and decisions, etc. Otherwise, we jeopardize the value of science and its overall direction.

I write this in hopes that young professionals (female and male) will be able to recognize situations like this in advance, so they avoid being disgraced and blackmailed in their future professional career. In the case that they are already in such a situation, they have only two options. Either they can 1) play the private and professional rules set out by their professional creator and IEEE becoming successful and stay silent, or they can 2) choose to stand up against such a situation by raising their voices.

POST #2 – Posted on Feb 16 2014

Developed Countries:

In her interview to BBC (see here) Eve Ensler said: “Violence against women is methodology that sustains patriarchy. Why are so many women being violated: ……… weather it’s bullying on the Internet, sexual harassment on the job…whatever is there that undermines women and makes them unequal…..violence is happening in both developing and developed country at similar rate.”

It is arguable whether this is entirely correct!

An educated professional woman in a developed country is often surrounded by supportive men for most of her life including her family, friends and colleagues. This is a tremendous treasure for her and should not be taken for granted.

What could make her life experience different?

1) Cultural differences, perhaps?

There is a drastic difference between how female scientists are treated in France and in Canada, for instance. In Canadian culture, it is normal for a female scientist to play tennis, or golf; it is normal to be vocal, not to whisper; Canadian women treat equally male and female colleagues in conversations; it is not unusual to see a mature woman studying in Canada; a woman can be tall or short, she is never judged on her physical appearance; she never brings her private problems to work and thus her smile is never judged.

In France, a female scientist is expected to behave just opposite. She also should NOT observe enormous misuse of Internet, video and email systems by male colleagues, misuse of professional seniority, and obsession with sexuality and pornography at any level of social and intellectual developments. It is not unusual in France, to accept a postdoc or a student based on her/his physical appearance, commonly being monitored during professional conferences. Nothing is shocking in France!

If you ask a French male colleague: Why so much obsession with sexuality in France …you may get the answer: “It is not obsession; I am finding the ‘solution’!” – as Dr. Al Bert from INRA said.

2) Cultural discrimination and racism, perhaps?

First, she recognized the silent battle between different cultures in the intellectual spheres. Who wins more intellectual positions will rule the world, perhaps …… At the beginning, she was positive in her thoughts: “hard work and competition move science forward”.
Then, she observed enormous favoritism between colleagues of the same culture and she though: “It is nice that they help each other”.
Then she recognized how colleagues of one culture were impeding professional paths of colleagues of another culture, and she thought: “That’s not fair”….
Then she recognized enormous hatred of some colleagues towards colleagues of another cultures, and she said: “Ah, I will stay away from negative and dark people” and she left.
….and then she realized that bad, very bad sexual things were happening to women and young professionals of targeted cultures…She got shocked and silent, for a while.
Nothing is new here!

    • This was happening through history in this or that direction many times (see here)
    • This is happening today on the streets
    • This is happening in science and engineering

Is this patriarchy? It sounds like power but indeed it is weakness or sickness if you wish.

Why is there so much hate in this world?

If you check the literature, many war leaders were intelligent sociopaths with little mercy and lots of hatred of any kind, towards different cultures/religions/race, towards women, towards non-traditional or traditional people, toward themselves. The National Comorbidity Survey, which used DSM-III-R criteria, found that 5.8% of males and 1.2% of females showed evidence of a lifetime risk for the disorder (see here),(see here).

Women have been disgraced in many different ways, directly through physical violence, or used against other men to harm them intentionally, or simply to attract more men to the sphere of success and influence. We call it ‘Violence against women’. Many war leaders were short in their mental security but ready to ruin lives of others. Many ‘sexual-solution leaders’ are short in their mental security but ready to ruin lives of others. What is the difference? Both are intelligent and successful and yet overwhelmed with hatred, often justifying their behavior by blaming the history, religion and others.

In the modern world, among highly educated people, not much of sexual physical violence against women could be observed, it is certainly not ‘practical’; …But how about sexual ‘e-violence against women’ to destroy them and to attract other men? Could this be a very attractive ‘solution’ for dark male personalities who often pretend to be just opposite, cheerful and always helpful?

The use of technology including emails, Internet, videos, Skype, recordings, spying, assembling, cyber bullying, etc. opens new possibilities for intelligent ‘sexual-solution leaders’. It doesn’t take much to involve a network of male connections and disgrace a woman of a different culture, to cyber bullying her, to misinterpret her, to sabotage her position, and of course, try to use her against male colleagues to harm them or to attract them while having them involved….. The concept is the same, the tool is different. E-violence has no borders; it goes from one country to another, from France to Canada to Ukraine to the U.S. to Bosnia to Iceland to India, etc.

…How about young male professionals? Are they becoming more vulnerable to e-violence given that male-oriented professional spheres, such as engineering and military, are becoming more open in their non-traditional homosexual orientations?

Is e-violence: sexual harassment, professional bullying and sexual crime, becoming a new tool in the silent intellectual battle between different cultures?

Can then we generalize that all violence against women always serves patriarchy? ! !

…..And you are probably asking yourself: If the ‘sexual-solution leaders’ are sociopaths, why do some men follow them blindly; why some organizations and societies are protecting them? Well, if you understand why so many solders follow their war leaders, you would probably know the answer?

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POST #3 – Posted on Mar 30 2014

How European History is shaping Remote Sensing!

Terrible events happened in European history. …. many lost lives, execution of cultural and sexual minorities, destroyed homes, many lost children, lost parents, lost grandparents, violence against women, etc. …..many families were hurt in one way or another.

Those situations should not be forgotten; we should keep talking about them to make sure that they never ever happen again. New generations should learn from history and they should never repeat those terrible moments.

In parallel, we should all try to live in harmony with each other and without ‘grinch’ about history. ‘Grinch’ leads to anger, anger leads to bad actions, and bad actions lead to repetition of history…..

Still, irregularities are happening and anger is often the winner. Two main misconceptions are modifying today’s world:

      1. Generalization of European traditional cultures based on bad historical events
        For instance, Germans, Italians, Spanish or Croats/Eastern Europeans should not be seen as negative because of history….What if exactly her grandfather shared the worst moments of history because he saved his friends’ lives.
      2. Overprotection of crime-prone individuals who are hiding behind the cultural minority concepts and terms such as antisemitism and homophobia. They feel safe and certain that nobody would point a finger at them, when, indeed they are embarrassments for their own culture. Those individuals with tremendous hatred toward European traditional cultures can easily use history to feed the future without being penalized.

    A neutral observer would not miss to mention David Hollinger who described the “culture wars” that consolidated a new, secular ethos in mid-twentieth-century American academia (see here). There is a comment: “…..he also inspires in the reader an appreciation for the integrationist aspirations of a society truly striving toward equality.”

    The “culture wars” are still happening in 21st century in remote sensing intellectual circles, just in a different direction. European traditional cultures/religions are more and more held back from fully and truly participating in the intellectual life. One does not have to be marked as antisemitic or antichristian by recognizing the patterns. David Hollinger was not, why would I?

    These are NOT women’s issues – these are global, world issues! These are men’s issues indeed.

    The problem is just most obvious for women as they are professionally weaker and privately more vulnerable than male colleagues, and thus, easily targeted. Are Christian female professionals held back from some key remote sensing positions? Is their progress impeded in many different ways including (academic) positions, projects, funding, salaries? Is this becoming obvious in some areas such as hyperspectral remote sensing (RS) and/or defense RS, for instance? Should we wait for 22nd century to write about this?

    Being involved in the situation that affected me directly, I have recognized a terribly malicious cultural-war scenario within several Remote Sensing (RS) groups including IEEE. I have recognized that some ‘against-European-traditional-cultures’ individuals, instead of accepting or avoiding colleagues from these cultures (what one could expect), they surround themselves with them through male sexual games and do the damage from inside. Three levels of sexual complexity are then developed in the ‘IF’ loop:

    • First: Attracting, exploiting and promoting students and young professionals from European traditional cultures, often incorporating Eastern European ‘cheap women’ in research, who buy one-way ticket to success – Loop.
    • Second: Attracting, and then disgracing decent female and male professionals by manipulating their privacy without their awareness through e-violation, while impending their professional lives – Exit Loop.
    • Third: Developing strong relationships with senior colleagues from European/US prominent organizations, who serve as professional anchors, by giving them pleasure to be involved in ‘sexual sharing’ and to know all this. Their involvement masks the whole situation; they serve as the false shield to control job market – End Loop.

    ……not to mention that all those who have been aware of this situation, are part of the same crime. All this is what makes the concept ‘almost’ perfect. This could be called a ‘sexual and cultural scandal’, or ‘manipulations and prostitution of European traditional cultures’.

    As one email that Jocelyn Chanussot (JC) sent to me said “Network from the hell is created” from generally very kind and gentle male colleagues that are targeted on purpose. A couple of involved women serve as the bridge only. ….My smile was on the list.

    Along my journey to find the answer about IEEE, I met different people, heard different comments, learned about different names, and saw different reactions. The journey was far from pleasant but I wanted to find out the answer and to challenge my mental strength. These are some of my findings:

    US colleagues commented that this process was conceptualized and started some time ago by a senior Canadian prominent IEEE colleague, supported by a Nordic prominent IEEE colleague (how JC named him in his email) followed by JC – Chris said.

    Canadian colleagues advised me to stay away from this group of “old men”. Olaf said ” This is what old men do” and he advised me to find another professional group of different background; he said that they, including the female president,  were all the same and that I should try to find a job outside of Canada, the U.S. for example, and that he would write me a recommendation letter for a job in the U.S.”. Note that the IEEE head office is in the U.S. and that I built my family and professional life in Canada. Olaf also said that the senior Canadian colleague who started all this was accused of sexual harassment at a prominent Canadian university before retiring.

    Apparently, I supposed to stay away from the group for two reasons 1) my own private and professional well-being, and 2) fear that I may disturb the perfect vicious circle.

  1. And then:

    The Bosnian-AMERican colleague who lives and works at least in Bosnia, Croatia and the U.S. Being a mutual friend of JC and the U.S. Air Force colleagues, and using the Croatian prominent professor Roko Andricevicas as his anchor in Croatia, he served as a great validation point in my journey.

    At the beginning, he was an agreeable friend. I truly felt sorry for him and his family when he told me that his house in Bosnia was burned three times by Croats and Serbs what apparently made him very angry. Then he invited me to a NATO workshop in Split together with his friends from the U.S. Air Force, all IEEE Whispers hyperspectral conference friends. Then he and his girlfriend invited me to the U.S. I thought he invited me as a friend, not as someone who would be passing my words and my privacy to the group. I simply didn’t trust my instinct (see here).

    Soon after, in a direct conversation he left me uncomfortable with his frightening comments about criminal organizations that pay people to sabotage the lives and positions of others, and how I could be in danger if I did not keep silent. He was asking me very strange details about my family members, their success and their present and future whereabouts. Pretending not to be JC’s friend, he wanted to get me in trouble while advising me to hire a Serb for a small amount of money to confront JC rather than speak up about IEEE (this was a remarkable advice, indeed).

    A few months later, when I told him that I reported the case, he completely lost his control and got angry. He started verbally harassing me and disgracing me in front of a U.S. colleague like no one ever did in my whole life, like no one!!…Those words were words of a male prostitute! … …. While he was emphasizing how I had “too many S’s in my life and name”, I was receiving emails with fascistic content. Shame!

    I hope that his presence in Croatia does not include selling Croats to Croats or Serbs, from one region to another. I hope that Croatian students will not become the ‘shared’ students. There must be a better way how Croatian University professors and Pro-rectors for International Relations could help scientific research in neighboring countries.


    My complaint about JC to IEEE was rejected at the preliminary stage although attached emails indicated sexual harassment, professional bullying, heavy racism, and bribe. Interestingly, I didn’t ask for any measures to be taken; however, I realized that there were no females of my cultural/religion background in the GRSS decision-making group, just at the membership level. I recognized the trend but I did not leave IEEE before I put the puzzle together. In spite of a series of rejections and inappropriate comments made by top AdCom members (e.g., previous and present GRSS presidents, the Chair of Nomination Committee, the leader of Women in Engineering, and the last year Whisper conference host) I tried hard to believe that this was an isolated incident regardless of the fact that they might share the same cultural/religion background with JC.

    ….After a while, I contacted another society EARSel; I wanted to join their hyperspectral group. As advised by their secretary, I contacted the leader of the group through their web site. I got surprised when I found out that the leader was Andreas Mueller, the leader of the IEEE GRSS hyperspectral group. I contacted Andreas several times. But all my attempts were turned down.

    I took a deep breath and for a moment I felt like Angela Merkel!

POST #4 – Posted on Jun 5 2014


That was indeed a very successful NATO remote sensing workshop in Split in April 2012:
Scene 1: Beside his American Air Force colleagues, he invited the whole NATO unit, solders not related to remote sensing and science at all.

  • It was impressive to see such loyalty for AMERica, Army and Air force.

Scene 2: He complained about cultural discrimination against him in Split (Croatia) expressing his desire to move to Zagreb (Croatia).

  • It was nice to see such loyalty for Croatia given that his house was burned by Croatians.

Scene 3: He knew every single word she privately said to the chair of the IEEE Chapter in Zagreb in 2009. Yes, she was famous for her ‘Putin-Medvedev’ comment about the Chapter. The Pope even said: “Women tend to have distinctive skills that men often do not possess, such as intuition and sensitivity (see here).

  • It was nice to see his loyalty to the IEEE Croatian, French and U.S. Chapters, given that he was not even their member.

Scene 4: A nice Croatian restaurant – He was there together with his close friends: the Pro-rector for International Relations of the University of Split – Roko Andricevic, and Bosnian colleague from Zagreb, apparently the Pro-rector’s long-term student Mak Kisevic. In addition, there were three female colleagues, she and two ‘could-be-her-daughter’ young Croatian professionals. …good food, music, chatting…Suddenly, he took a picture of the three females with his American cellphone, sent the picture to his friend(s), and commented with them which one was the ‘hottest’. “Does she know who is her father?” – he was translating to her from English of what his gay friends were commenting. He put a smile on her face; she supposedly won the contest….but behind her smile she was thinking “….. Such a j***, such harassment against three Croatian women. Isn’t one of the young girls his intimate friend? Does he like women at all, or, he is just pretending? Is a Croatian woman capable of recognizing harassment?”

  • Ah, such loyalty to the Croatian pro-rector and Croatian women, again, given that his house was burned by Croatians.

Amer Smailbegovic is one of the most prominent remote sensing scientists of the Balkans. He involved several Croatian scientists to be co-authors of his numerous IEEE WHISPERS conference papers. Not to be sarcastic, but while we see lots of politics and targeted promiscuity (a.k.a. DATA FUSION) in science and remote sensing, Amer Smailbegovic is still very successful. He opens his business in Split, uses remote sensing instruments that he is getting through his prominent Croatian friends for free and is very successful in promoting remote sensing in the Balkan countries, countries with the challenging history. He manages to keep moving and switching from Bosnia to Herzegovina to Croatia, and if not yet, he will perhaps move soon to Serbia. His sudden appearance and return to Balkan from AMERica has been valuable not just for Bosnian population but for Croatian Communists – SDP scientists in Split and Zagreb as well, because he is: loyal to Judaism, loyal to Bosnia, loyal to Croatia and Croatian women, loyal to Army and Air Force men, loyal to Herzegovina and again to Croatian women, loyal to Powerful men, loyal to Bosnian pyramids, loyal to gay friends, loyal to the Power….simply loyal.

….and then…. numerous blogs that was shared back in 2006 and later on the Internet related to the remote sensing techniques that Amer Smailbegovic used while discovering non-existing pyramids in Bosnia….and then this (see here), where it was said: “Our company received his resume, which listed a degree which was never earned or even initiated”.

One could think that Maybe-Dr. Smailbegovic moved to Croatia to provide Croatian scientists with the same remote sensing and DATA FUSION techniques in desire to discover pyramids in Croatia as well. That was well accepted by several Croatian colleagues.

Not much differently than other countries, Croatia has been going through the ‘left-right’ political turbulences. Generally, ‘the lefts’ are more open with respect to accepting minorities, immigrants and homosexuals. On the other hand, ‘the rights’ are more conservative and pay attention to traditional family life, perhaps. Between them there should be ‘ACCEPTANCE’. Instead, there is a big gap full of ANGER. The anger manifests itself in many ways: FROM buying instruments ‘under the table’, offering jobs and projects, paying dinners …TO…prostituting young men and women, homosexualizing young and aged colleagues, finding excuses in history to punish others, etc. All these are issues of behavior, not beliefs. BEHAVIOUR not BELIEFS!!!! Homophobia/rejection is a traditional approach; heterophobia/homosexualization is an emerging approach. The four concepts are highly correlated: 1) culture, 2) religion, 3) politics and 4) sexual orientation. This is a whole new package  and, if not handled properly, it goes together with those that use and abuse the system, science and remote sensing (see here).

Wald et al. 2014 describe how religion influences politics: “By examining the relationship between religion and the politics of women and homosexualism, we see how cultural politics is just the politics of group conflict. Like politics in general, it is about who gets to “authoritatively allocate” what society values. …….People who identify with different social groups often have different, deeply held perspectives ……..often dislike and distrust groups with rival perspectives and they even feel that some groups have no right to participate in democratic politics”(see here).

Unfortunately, it can take JUST ONE PYRAMID and some DATA FUSION techniques to dismiss a Croatian woman from her professional life in and out of Croatia, to sabotage scientific capabilities of Croatia and to trigger the emotions of division between Croatian/Serbian scientists, in such a volatile region.

“Power is not given, power is taken”.

POST #5 – Posted on July 1 2014


PART 1 of 3: Sexual orientation and acceptance

In one of my complaints to IEEE, I included the word ‘bisexuals’ in the most fair and correct way. Immediately after, a female IEEE colleague posted on her Facebook a picture of herself and her husband, in addition to the Bi Pride flag posted on her timeline. Perhaps she wanted to express her protest and anger against me and her support to bisexuals, while ensuring everybody that she was traditional. Does uploading the flag necessarily mean that she is protective of bi/homosexuals. No, it does not! It is not a mode of belief; it is anger; it is a mode of behavior.

One who is truly protective of bi/homosexuals would not support their manipulation, including bi/homosexuals with Christian background, for instance. Male prostitution is not different from women prostitution. Promiscuity and manipulation with bi/homosexuals is not different from promiscuity and manipulation with women. Decent bi/homosexuals find a way to become accepted in the long run, but anger and prostitution bring them short-term success. As a matter of fact, both women and homosexual prostitutions are just adding to the problem of recognizing and accepting them both privately and professionally. THERE IS NO INTENTION IN MY MIND to analyze who is homosexual, who is heterosexual!! Sexuality should be one’s private choice and it should be distinguished and segregated from promiscuity, sociopathy, pornography and prostitution!!!! – THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO EMPHASIZE!!

Imposing one’s sexual orientation over others for the reason of manhood, culture, or history, for instance, and involving others in sexual relationships that would bring them jobs or professional positions is NOT a privilege – it is false power, it is manipulation, it is prostitution, it is not homosexualism – it is homosexualization.

In one of my email to JC sent out in 2012, I wrote exactly this:
“I see the mezzo group and I see the pattern with HIM, HIM, him, then the German him, then HIS student, etc., etc., knowing who will be the next……shifting them to the top through awards and promotions in order one by one…… So the summary: people that are falsely coming to the top, who are deciding about my potential promotions are people who don’t like me because I am not connected to the mezzo club in a right way ………and, yet, I don’t want to be part of the mezzo club – simply my choice not to ……”.

The IEEE female colleague, who uploaded the flag, knows about this situation. Does she believe in the freedom and respect of bi/homosexuals – I doubt it. Perhaps, her cultural/religion belief is overshadowing her respect for both bi/homosexuals and for women.

PART 2 of 3: When the things go beyond Shakespeare

In his smooth but vulgar flow of words my Validation Point was clearly talking about sexuality of some IEEE colleagues, clearly talking about perverseness of the group like “something that everybody already knows”; clearly confirming that the young Eastern European female colleague, a JC’s student, serves as a “supplier of young men and colleagues to the group by attracting them” “What do you want to achieve; why didn’t you drop everything and stay quiet?”— Another golden suggestion of my Validation Point.

And then, I had a 50/50 chance to guess who was montaged with me in the data fusion dataset that was given to the Dean of the prominent Canadian university to sabotage my job interview, the university with most beautiful flowers and retired people. “It was a young guy”, how my Validation Point suggested, using his vulgar language.

    • Not just that the blog from 2006 had a peculiar comment about young men being involved in the Pyramid group.
    • Not just that the Army and Air Force have their internal relationships sometimes out of control (see here), (see here);
    • Not just that I have learned about some peculiar relationships among some male remote sensing colleagues from verbal conversations and also from explicitly described situations in received emails;
    • ……But even William Shakespeare wrote about his feelings toward a young man centuries ago (see here).

ANY appropriate relationship that involves respect is a valid human relationship. But what if the things go beyond Shakespeare? Homosexualization and prostitution is NOT the respect. The chain involved in homosexualization could easily include private research companies, universities, spatial agencies, army, and commercial/instrument companies. The trend could be hard to detect as many of the participants could have girlfriends, wives, children, and even 10-20 grandchildren. It is a phenomenon that could happen for several reasons. Some of them are:

    1. Young bi/homosexuals often feel rejected by the traditional regimes, by church, by traditional men and women, and some of them become attached easily to anybody who supports them and who provides them with a job or a doctorate position, for instance.
    2. There are some young traditional men and women from less developed countries that are put in the chain because of their ‘no return home’ policy (often from Eastern Europe or Latin America) and they simply accept the chain as the choice to move forward.
    3. In case of some aged men, it is their last chance to refresh/explore whatever they did or did not do while they were young, as Shakespeare explained in one of his “Seven ages of man” poem (see here).
    4. There could be strong cultural reasons where young men or women could be seen as a seductive challenge. For instance, young people nowadays do not know much about the WWII history as they are already second war-free generation. They do not understand the concept of being targeted to pay for history.
    5. Hate against women as defined in Shakespeare’s “young-men and dark-lady” approach (see here); Misogynists could be easily hidden behind homosexualization and prostitution.

After all, it seems that both traditional women and homosexuals are competing for male attention. Most likely this competition has always existed in engineering, military, and church. Can this competition lead to e-violence and disgrace of women and to rejection of  Christian women when they are trying to be successful in professional societies, to join the hyperspectral group, or to find a job? (JC told me once that I would never be successful in leading the LinkedIn IEEE Women in Geoscience and Remote Sensing group but, at that time, I did not believe him).

A number of questions related to homosexualization and prostitution cannot be easily answered.

For instance: “Who is financing the inappropriate events? Who supports the homosexualization of Christian young men and disgrace of Christian women? Who are those paid to do homosexualization in Germany, Croatia, Serbia, Italy, Spain, Montenegro, for instance? Could this trend spread out to other cultures and religions (e.g. China, India)? Who is paid to manipulate job positions and funding in Europe and America? Is this happening in other professions? If this is going on for more than a decade, who are then our finest top researchers and academics in remote sensing? How can a young person choose his/her mentor? – Some answers to these questions are beyond the scope of this blog.

Some other ambiguous questions that concern me are: “Did I finance my own disgrace at IEEE or did you?” Why did JC disgrace and threaten me, and why did IEEE suddenly reject me from all their sections including AdCom, German DLR-IEEE ISIS Hyperspectral group, and Women in Geoscience and Remote Sensing? Did this happen because of 1) my Christian background 2) my gender 3) my sexual orientation, or 4) all of the above? Why did Maybe-Dr. Amer Smailbegovic invite me and then follow me to Toronto to learn about my life and my family members using his threatening stories? Will he be successful in selling “Honey from Herzegovina” and “Sljivovica from Bosnia” to Croatia, the U.S. and South Africa, how he said? Who is the main share-holder of homosexualization and misogyny in Canada, and how does he manage to handle the data? Is his plan good enough?

PART 3 of 3: Why would ever William Shakespeare help Albert Cohen?

The research question is:
“What is the reason for three phenomena occurring in parallel:

  1. homosexualization of Christian men
  2. disgrace of Christian women and
  3. hate against European Christian cultures?”
    (In this blog I used a touch of sarcasm just to emphasize the point.)

One direction of my research was directed to French literature after Jocelyn Chanussot (JC) expressed his extraordinary obsession with Solal in his “I-just-hurt-you” laughing moment. Solal is the main character of several books written by Albert Cohen. I decided to learn about this character by reading some comments and contacting a prominent Professors of French Literature in the U.S. Interestingly, not just that the same writer was also important to JC and Amer Smailbegovic but also to Nicolas Sarkozy (see here).

In his comments on Solal (by Albert Cohen), Abecassis posits “On a metaphoric level, Ariane represents Europe, as do all of Solal’s female characters. Solal’s passionate love for women who ultimately reject and destroy him functions as a metaphor for the Jew’s impossible love of a rejecting, sadistic Europe.…………While Cohen’s focus on the bleak, catastrophic aspect of Jewish identity has also made his work impossible to read in Israel, Abecassis concludes, it is perhaps in the United States, which is free of both an antisemitic heritage and a nationalist master-narrative, that a frank reading of Cohen can begin……Cohen remained cagey about his intended message at the end of Belle du Seigneur, when Solal and Adrienne commit suicide together………..Importantly, Abecasiss notes, in his final fantasy, Solal imagines not that he has committed suicide, but rather that he is a failed Messiah, who is crucified because of his failure to save European Jews from destruction (see here).

So how can William Shakespeare save Solal from suicide?

In the process of homosexualization of Christian young men, the main ‘creator’ behind the homosexualization could definitely save the world from perhaps another world ‘dictator’!

Imagine that, a young potential dictator (e.g. editor-in-chief from Spain, Italy, Germany, etc.) is offered a plenty of ‘sexual’ games, a dream job, a top educational position, travel, conferences and promiscuity, before he realizes that he has desire to rule the world. The potential dictator would be so thrilled with his life that he would never develop desire to rule the world at the first place. Not just that, but the potential dictator would turn back on his own Christian traditional people, church, and of course traditional women, all in order to stay powerful and enjoy all the pleasure of the ‘Bread and Circuses’ situation that he was offered by the ‘creator’. (The phrase was coined by the Romans in reference to the way the ruling class pacified the commoners by diverting them from contemplating their subjugation (see here)).

The young potential dictator becomes thankful, loyal and faithful to the creator of the enjoyment (who, otherwise, would pull his e-trigger if rejected), obeying all his decisions – wasn’t this what the creator Jocelyn Chanussot wanted at the first place to “rule the world through sexual games including him, what finally makes the universe to be in harmony”, how he said in one of his emails ? (see here). Furthermore, the foggy perception can reach the perfection when the young potential dictator pretends that he is the one who is making decisions, when actually the creator of the enjoyment is behind the scene. In addition to those involved in the ‘feed-dogs-to-dogs’ approach, aged colleagues support the ‘Bread and Circuses’ situation, adding to the creator’s critical mass needed to switch from the minority to majority, and the “network from the hell” is created, how JC’s said about IEEE (see here).

…… Simply, this would mean ‘no more wars’ in the world. Not just European Jewish and Bosnians but even Christians themselves, everybody would be saved, as mentioned in Solal! The relationship between Christian and Jewish organizations, Army and Spatial Agencies, would be even stronger. Perhaps more Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist men should be included to speed-up the process. Then, the professional organization and societies would not be kept closed and preferred to the elite but rather open to every professional men.

What about women then?

Personally, I could feel like Ariane, or like Adrienne, or rather like an Aryan…..but since I feel like being professionally and personally crucified by the French Jewish Editor Jocelyn Chanussot (JC) and Jewish society IEEE, I should rather be accepted as the first female Jesus who is trying to save other Christian women and Christian bi/homosexuals. If the Pope learned about this he would immediately change his mind about women and invite me and promote me to the first female priest ever, or, even female Saint.

What about other women, who are disgraced or suppressed by ‘hidden’ misogynists wherever they hide, in heterosexuality, bi/homosexuality or sociopathy. What about other Ariane-s?

Perhaps, the only way for those women to be saved is to accept the approach offered by French politicians.They don’t encourage openness about sexuality and gender, but rather they plan to prohibit children in schools from expressing openly their gender and sexual identity (see here). This would give women an instant ticket to become involved in men-oriented professional spheres. Even the Pope would not be able to see the difference and he would say: “Who am I to judge who is male who is female……” and women could become engineers or priests, in which case they would be instantaneously hired by male-dominant societies, army, air force, etc. ….and ‘the big family’ approach in remote sensing could become even stronger.

PART 4 of 3 – Happiness is the truth

Another direction of my research was related to the Internet search, as I wanted to find the connection between the word ‘sociopath’ and the word ‘whispers’ (name of JC’s conference). Within minutes, I found a number of You Tube videos under the name of “TheDeafeningWhisper”, which were showing young people in different settings saying particular sentences that I already heard from JC (see here). Soon after, I received a threatening email, as my IP was recognized (see here), and all You Tube videos were completely re-modified within a month. I attached one audio data from one of the videos recorded in a recognizable whispering voice produced by Jocelyn Chanussot, no doubt about that, talking about 10 worst sociopatic sexual violence cases. Be aware that the content is inappropriate, dark and dangerous but unfortunately, real (listen here WS500140_TheDeafeningWhisper).

I want to leave you with this dark upsetting sound of anger, promiscuity, and violence to think about: Where is the fine line for you between your perception of promiscuity/prostitution and this dark story? What elements exactly would you ‘exclude or include’ to define or justify prostitution and promiscuity? Where are your limits? Then discuss YOUR fine line and limits with your family, your wife, partner, children, and grandchildren. ….and Only Then, You Will Know Who You Are!

The Civilized World must open their doors to private beliefs of every single person, including sexuality. Private belief does not hurt others, crime does!! Social pressure on young generations and their private beliefs is enormous, and predators are those who use their weakness to provoke cultural clashes, hate, promiscuity and violence.

Under any normal circumstances I do believe that there is no mother who would reject her son or daughter for his or her sexual orientation. If we exclude cultural, religion and political effects, there is no woman who would judge homosexuals. Those who are enlarging this gap and spreading misogyny and hate among young homosexuals are overwhelmed by their cultural, religious and/or sociopatic traits.

POST #6 – Posted on Oct 11 2014


“Sexual harassment accusations against prominent science blogger and editor Bora Zivkovic have sent ripples through the science writing community and has resulted in the “Blogfather’s” resignation”(see here). Dr. Zivkovic was most likely acting alone in this event. Perhaps, the background and scale of a group involvement and promiscuity is harder to detect and report.

In Oct 2012, I submitted my first complaint to IEEE about Jocelyn Chanussot and his harassment, bullying, racism and crime. Immediately after, IEEE tried all different methods to reject me, isolate me and keep me away from IEEE. Dr. Melba Crawford excluded me immediately from AdCom meetings, Dr. Jon Benediktsson and Dr. Goodenough made inappropriate comments and actions, Dr. Paul Gader was responsible for my computer virus infections through the Whispers Easy Chair software, Dr. Gail Skofronick-Jackson asked me to sit out of the Women in Geoscience and Remote Sensing  group, my publishing was interrupted, no review papers received, etc. I have never experienced this much evilness in a short period of time. Negative but tremendous experience!

Why such a difference in the two outcomes: Zivkovic vs. IEEE?! How come that IEEE can tolerate the Editor-in-Chief’s desire for ‘killing and promiscuity”? For instance two emails written by Jocelyn Chanussot: see here.

In June 2013, IEEE turned down my complaint about JC. A few months later, IEEE modified their Code of Ethics adding the component about protecting bi/homosexuals (see here), (see here).

In the meantime, Dr. Melba Crawford criticized my comments about the “people’s sexuality”, trying to make me say something inappropriate about sexuality of the majority of the IEEE GRSS (AdCom) members, like I cared. JC tried hard to make me comment on Dr. Goodenough’s damage to my profession at the University of Victoria, constantly mentioning his name. This was strange because both Dr. Goodenough and Dr. Benediktsson knew my opinion about them.

My only sensitive but very positive comment to Dr. Crawford was“…..if anybody deserves to be punished by the IEEE Jewish colleagues, I certainly do not deserve to be on the list”.

I never said anything offensive to JC, neither to Amer Smailbegovic about their sexuality or religion, not even when I saw those young homosexual men around them, not even when I was told in France how JC must be “very lucky for having all those male Eastern European students”, and much more…. Why would I? Somebody’s sexuality should not be my concern. Amer Smailbegovic thought that I was not observing the situations (perhaps, one should hold a PhD degree to realize that). I really and simply do not care about somebody’s sexuality and religion. We all deserve to create our own private lives the way we want. BUT, I do not allow others to damage my life because of my beliefs either.

Even now, I do not agree that promiscuity must be related to bisexuality (see here).

At this stage, I even do not want to comment if sociopathy is related to promiscuity (see here).

I want to comment on PRIVACY? Sharing and fabricating somebody’s privacy is SEX CRIME. Using this to damage somebody’s professional and private life because of his/her religion, sex, culture or nationality is a professional ethnic cleansing and hate crime by JC and IEEE.

Why does IEEE support Jocelyn Chanussot?

When an UVic Professor, Dr. Olaf Neimann, a good colleague of Dr. Goodenough told me “You are right ….that is simply what the old men do”…when he told me: ”IEEE is not for you; you should join another society with different background. ”….when he told me: “They are all the same, Melba as well. You should try to find a job outside of Canada”……..when he told me all this and much more in a tone not different than “It is a nice weather today”. …………….then,

…then, I realized I was not the only one in the DATA FUSION database. There must be many of us……This is simply an ‘open season on Christians’ (see here)– an incredible story.

Let’s see how all this fits the IEEE Code of Ethics!

In the blog of Dr. Steiner about the new IEEE code (see here), two words captured my attention: ‘sexuality’ and ‘engage’ (in addition to race, bribe, culture, etc. as mentioned in the code). One must be confused with lots of contradiction between the IEEE code and behavior of those who created the code. While IEEE claims that they protect bi/homosexuals, in reality they are supporting the manipulation of Christian homosexuals. While IEEE claims that they protect sexuality of their members, in reality they are protecting bi/homosexuals and promiscuity over heterosexuals. IEEE uses the terminology “and not to engage in acts of discrimination” – Isn’t this term supporting the ‘victim-blaming’ approach, and takes burden off those who create crimes?

Perhaps, the axiom/postulate (as a premise or starting point of reasoning) of the code is just opposite than ‘normal’ or at least what is ‘normal’ for most of people.

These are some terms and concept that are critical and/or may be misleading in the IEEE code:

Term “ respect for privacy

  • At the conferences and meetings organized and supported by IEEE, IEEE should be responsible for surveillance of hotel rooms in hotels recommended by them, especially if the surveillance systems are set up by their AdCom member(s). During the Whispers conference in Iceland in 2010, I requested the explanation from the hotel, and based on their answer I decided to never go to this conference again.
  • Do you think that this e-Violence and sex crime in remote sensing includes just one woman? Are you sure that the database is that empty and no other younger female and male professionals are there? Are you sure that JC is the only one who is disgracing women in remote sensing? Have you recently ‘secretly’ dated a colleague, commonly your mentor’s friend? Does your mentor know about JC’s practice? Do you have a problem finding an academic job after 2 or 3 post-doctorate terms, and you think it is your bad luck? Think again! Do you think if you are a man who knows about this, that you are not in the database? Think again!

Term “respect for women/homosexuals and multiculturalism” …respect or manipulation??

  • I have never believed that the open PhD defense of the JC’s Eastern European female student during the Whispers conference in 2010 was valid; I was present. I have never believed that Dr. Crawford’s evaluation of that student was valid, in addition to her comment “That girl would do ANYTHING to succeed”. I have never believed that she deserved to get the NASA post-doctorate position because I was reviewing her papers. I have never believed that she deserved to get the IEEE reviewer’s award as she never accepted my invitation to review a paper. In addition, she published all papers in IEEE with JC and Dr. Benediktsson (and their close friends), all approved again by their friend Antonio Plaza… not to mention the absence of her open professional presentations where she should be able to answer some sharp professional questions; not to mention my conversation with her, not to mention my observation of her relationship with one of JC’s “dear” university colleagues. “Some women would do ‘that’ ”, JC said once – ”Some women would NOT”, I added.
  • IEEE did not allow me as a woman to ‘lead’ the IEEE Women in Geosceince and Remote Sensing LinkedIn group but Dr. Steven Reising was the manger and controller of all comments. When I briefly mentioned the irregularities in IEEE within the group, Steven blocked my comments as ordered by Dr. Melba Crawford who was even not a group member until that very moment.
  • IEEE does not have any woman of Christian background in AdCom. IEEE should support ALL genders, sexuality and cultures at the decision making levels (e.g. AdCom), not only at the membership level to collect more money from Christians.
  • IEEE should not prohibit a Christian woman from registering to the IEEE ISIS group and should not use their strong connection with DLR, Dr. Karl Staenz and Andreas Muller to reject her. Was there any single Christian woman in the IEEE ISIS group prior to my complaint? Have imagine this scenario: a western woman buy a ticket and fly to meet the real ISIS in Iraq, for instance, and she says “Here I am, coming to help”. What would happen to her? ISIS members would quickly disgrace her and crucify her in front of everybody. What is the difference?
  • IEEE president Dr. Peter Staecker should not have visited IEEE in Croatia right after he and IEEE rejected my complaint while Dr. Juraj Bartolic and other SDP professors from the IEEE Croatian Chapter were involved in the game. Dr. Staecker should not have invited female and male IEEE members to talk about multiculturalism right after he turned my complaint down. Where is his honesty and loyalty to his members?
  • If IEEE is supporting ALL sexuality equally in the society, then ‘sexuality’ should not be mixed with science. However, if they support homosexuals over heterosexuals, if they continue publishing articles and comments on the Internet about homosexuals, and have not a single word about heterosexuals, it means that they DO NOT separate sexuality from science, in which case they are either introducing reverse-discrimination, or, simply becoming a ‘homosexual’ organization. They should keep it either private or equal!!!!
  • IEEE GRSS should not ban churches to be shown on their conference web sites, and yet write openly about cultural backgrounds of their leaders. Churches, synagogues, and mosques are part of our lives, beautiful architecture and history.
  • How come that IEEE can tolerate the desire of their Editor-in-Chief to “kill all Germans’, as JC wrote in his email – is this multiculturalism?

Term “respect for professionalism

  • Dr. Antonio Plaza should not be chosen for the Editor-in-Chief just because he is submerged in JC’s games. “I want to see if he is really as good as I think …”, JC commented to me before he invited Dr. Plaza to Grenoble for his sabbatical leave, and right after Dr. Gader completed his sabbatical leave in Grenoble.
  • Dr. Antonio Plaza should not choose his Associate Editors based on his friendship as he claimed in his email “….I really hope you understand this move, Jose is one of my closest collaborators and his topics of interest are very close to mine. …… I hope you will understand this decision, which is exclusively of my responsibility, and will not hate me.” – Who can hate him; EVERYBODY loves Antonio!
  • Of course, after my complaint to IEEE, all web sites, ALL of them were changed. Perception and media are ‘critical’ for the success of an organization, but, the reality commonly stays. How come that IEEE allowed having romantic and sexual songs on the IEEE Whispers web site prior to this year? IEEE is mixing sexuality and science, after all? Dr. Goodenough, Dr. Schaepman, Dr. Gader, and Dr. Benediktsson knew all this when they decided not to attend the Whispers 2014 conference.

Term “respect for age

  • Given that IEEE Associates Editors, Data fusion leaders, ISIS leaders, etc. (many of them behind the scene)…..are very young and inexperienced men with no extensive research, scholar, consulting or engineering experience – all friends of JC, and given that Dr. Michael Inggs expressed his negative opinion about one of the aged reputable colleagues that I included as a lecturer in one of the IEEE summer school events in 2014, I am wondering, what is the minimum age for male colleagues to be accepted by IEEE AdCom?

Term “respect for poverty

  • Based on average number of people and average conference fee cost at the moment, this is how much IEEE can earn per one IGARSS conference, for instance: 1800 * $800 = $1 440 000 (not to mention that non-members have to pay $999 dollars just for the conference fee) – Is this reasonable for a researcher who cares really just about science? Even if you get JC’s promiscuity and prostitution included in the price, isn’t it still too expensive?

These are just some core terms of the Code, and their meanings should be established before writing any Code of Ethics. Perhaps, IEEE should start with the very first word “RESPECT”. ….and perhaps, IEEE AdCom should consider this: One does not have to be against homosexuals if the one is against promiscuity!!! IEEE should distinguish between homosexuality and promiscuity; otherwise they may offend many homosexuals.

POST #7 – Posted on Dec 18 2014


My First Session Chairing at IGARSS – CAPE TOWN 2009:

He said: “You have to watch out for that French guy. Something is going on here”. Coming from a handsome man, the father of my children, he made me laugh. But somehow the very next day, Dr. Michael Inggs scheduled me to co-chair the ‘Hyperspectral’ session with Jocelyn Chanussot (JC). Seeing him second time in my life, I felt uncomfortable when, after the session, he said in front of the whole audience: “So, tell everybody what you and I are planning to do next year”.

The Talented Mr. Ripley would say it was pure coincidence, not a pattern. ….He continued talking about Whispers 2010.

My Last Session Chairing at IGARSS – MUNICH 2012:

Fabio and Tizza, Steven, Melba, Jon, Christian, Marco, I, DLR and ESA colleagues – everybody was dancing. It was interesting to observe the effect of German beer on the remote sensing top scientists. Everybody was surprisingly relaxed – rock, folk dance, hands on hips, in the air, here and there. The ‘creator’ of  the Bread and Circuses was watching the crowd, happy to be with his Australian male colleague that he adored, and pleased that he finally raised his flag, in Munich.….But suddenly, the dance went a bit too far. Yves-Louis pushed away a female colleague and started dancing with me; he didn’t care about my age this time. At IGARSS 2011 in Vancouver, he spent several hours insisting on knowing my age in front of everybody. I was smiling as usual, as the only way to handle such a rude situation with grace. BUT while looking at me, Yves-Louis did not recognize that for more than two decades, I was putting ALL my life effort in two human beings to make sure that they never ever behave the way he did.

Dance continued…Yves-Louis and other top male scientists started dancing on the tables. I have never seen anything like that before. I started realizing that the comment from IGARSS 2009 “Something is going on here!” was well judged. The dance continued for three more days here and there in Munich. Male colleagues were pushing for drinking, hoping to have one more dance before they go home to their future wives, pregnant wives, to their wives and small children, to their wives and adult children –  unbelievable! Steven was constantly trying to hug me around my waist like he was never a leader of the Women in Geoscience and Remote Sensing LinkedIn group. Fabio disappeared with Tizza like he was not getting married soon. John Lennon and Christian were thrilled when I ordered another drink hoping that at least ‘one of three of them’ would get the best out of the situation in which JC tried to set me up one more time.

I was desperate to put my puzzle together. Why I wanted to have all pieces, I do not know; my natural curiosity, I suppose. I was halfway though after the Munich conference.

After the conference, I started paying attention to what was happening to all those PhD and postdoc female professionals who were coming to the conferences, being involved as session chairs, etc., but never reached the point of the full professional success such as an academic job. 

“Despite making up about half of the workforce overall, only about a quarter of workers in science, technology, engineering, and math fields — otherwise known as STEM — were women in 2011, according to a new report from the Census Bureau (see here). Worse, women’s progress in breaking into these fields has slowed down in recent decades” ; And while women are underrepresented among those who get STEM degrees — they are 53 percent of all college graduates. However, as the report notes, among science and engineering graduates, men are employed in a STEM occupation at twice the rate of women,” – ThinkProgress Reported (see here).

Especially in Europe, the instant statistics suggests that many students and postdocs in remote sensing are indeed females. Yet, not many of them, if any, reach the high professional positions. Female professionals are kept in their post-doctorate positions for much longer than their male colleagues. They go through 2-3 post-doctorates, or, they are employed as hard working researchers under short contracts in private research companies acting from the corner. They are kept far from the Academia and from top the “Women on Boards” positions. While in Europe, I often heard comments from female postdocs such as: “If I don’t find a job in a year, I will apply to become a high school teacher?” Unfortunately, I heard these comments from many Christian young women during my post-doctorate position. At that time I was mature and had my family already built. But they, they were losing their time for both jobs and family. 

On the other hand, I observe how many young male professionals getting academic and prestige research positions. Many of them are very young, with none or only one “shared” postdoc and the following year they are already professors, teaching literally their classmates. They generally don’t have any comprehensive research background, no teaching experience, no industry-, consulting- or government- related experience. In their early 30s, they are already professors, associate editors or editors-in-chief, for instance. They occupy the prestige positions and they WILL stay there forever. This has been happening in Europe for some time already and recently, the trend is more and more obvious in the U.S. and Canada.

So, HOW do our male colleagues keep Christian female young professionals away from the prestige positions. There are two main concepts:

1. By the strong male network!

Women are often shifted from a position to a position and from a postdoc to a postdoc between male friends through the pull-push (double standard) mechanism. This is done in such a fine way that a woman can hardly recognize it. Recently, a Canadian female colleague warned me: “Be careful what you are saying about Tom Lukowski, David Goodenough, Karl Staenz, Allan Hollinger, and others, they are all friends.” Indeed, it took me several years to realize who was friend with whom and why. It took me several years to realize why Allan Hollinger involved me in the HERO hyperspectral project with David Goodenough who is JC’s close friend of 15 years, why I got invited to IEEE, why Tom Lukowski was suddenly questioning my position provoking me to quit the IEEE AdCom when I discovered the scandal, and why I was still with no full time job. It took me several years to realize who were successful young professionals in Canada and why. Didn’t I say earlier that Canada was a great country for female professionals? Generally yes, but living between my family and one of the greatest mentor that one could have, I was not able to see what was going on in the Canadian remote sensing circle; I was not able to recognize who was writing cheap reference letters for me; I was not able to recognize why Dr. Goodenough was suggesting that my mentor should write stronger letters for me. It took me a postdoc in France to learn about the bond that the Canadian remote sensing HEROs had been sharing among themselves and with Europeans, about the bond between the Canadian HEROs, DLR, IEEE, NASA, ESA and others.

While in Europe, I was competing with other female colleagues for professional positions. Apparently, I was second on the candidate list for an academic job for which I was interviewed by Dr. Schaepman. Just 10 months later, I learned from the same Dr. Schaepman that women could not be hired as Assistant Professors when they were over the age of 36. It was interesting how my relationship with JC changed the criterion at Dr. Schaepman’s university so suddenly…… A few months later, a female colleague got her postdoc position with one JC’s friend and I got an offer from another JC’s friend, as I learned later. I accepted the offer. “Great”, I thought, “I have always liked Toulouse “. I was happy and I did not recognize the network who was actually holding me back by offering me a postdoc after a postdoc.

There is no need to mention the connections between the whole group of male Italian, French and Icelandic friends and their “shared” students and postdocs that are related to INRIA in France – all being close friends with JC and all advancing in IEEE (INRIA, INRA, INRI, whatever…almost like synagogues and churches!).

There is no need to mention again the connections between JC and some colleagues from DLR and ESA, IEEE and the U.S. Air Force/Michael Mendenhall, Allan Yarbrough and Amer Smailbegovic, etc. etc.

In all of this, one concept is really sickening. Jewish men would never disgrace Jewish women; Muslim men would not even consider it; on the other hand, Christian men are ecstatic about JC’s games of manipulating Christian women. This is miserable, and perhaps Christians deserve to start losing their positions.

2. By using the professional isolation and ignoring approach!

Professional advancement and then slow isolation and ignoring by a boss/manager can slowly lead a young professional to his/her professional self-degradation. When the damage is done, it is hard to point the finger at anybody and anything. This is a new ‘grinch’ double standard phenomenon that is very hard to detect!! You see small offers and advances but you don’t see the opportunities that your boss keeps away from you. Your boss looks like a person who really helped you, and you still failed. You are not aware of what is happening and you even start judging your own abilities – an incredible phenomenon!!!. This is one of the famous psychopathic/sociopathic approaches of either one person or the whole corporation/society (see below Dr. Hare’s video). Young people should be aware of this concept, analyze each situation with care and immediately react.

The internally self-contradictory theory of hiring females and then ignoring them, is forcing their mind to give up remote sensing, science and engineering. ‘Ignoring and fear’ is the key. Women have fear of losing professional positions, fear of shame, fear of reporting harassment, fear of ….fear….fear….it goes hand in hand with the ‘ignoring’ concept.

….but why bother with women after all? Why bother with the ‘short job turnaround’ strategy? For three reasons:

  1. To have a pure pleasure of disgracing women (see here).
  2. To satisfy European/US Commission and others who require more women to be hired; I was not surprised to see a young female professionals in a private company who were given authority to hire a new female professional to replace herself.
  3. To use women to serve as the beards (see here). The beards can range from ‘professional escorts’ trained to become “successful” researchers, to presidents of a society. Jackson Katz in his new book “Leading Men: Presidential Campaigns and the Politics of Manhood” (see here), defined the concept of the Politics of Manhood in the political spheres, for instance.

More and more of the academic and prestige positions are filled with young men who will stay there forever. In the meantime, after several post-docs and short contract jobs, the female colleagues will be over 36 years of age anyway, outdated for most academic positions how Dr. Schaepman suggested. ….and yet many of them put their family lives ‘on hold’ while they become ‘professionally successful’!!

In summary, to answer “Why do we not have more “Women on Board” in STEM fields?”, and to comment on “Women’s progress in breaking into these fields has slowed down in recent decades”, the European / U.S. / Canadian Commissions should concentrate more on the cultural differences and historical burden that some male scientists and engineers in STEM are carrying, if they truly want to help ‘Women in STEM’.

Please do not support “Sodom and Gomorrah” in remote sensing !! (see here).

POST #8 – Posted on Dec 27 2016

Alice in Wonderland – ALICE in ICELAND !

(This tragicomedy blog will be finalized and edited at a later time when Alice has more time. The emails in the text are cut and paste.)

Alice in Iceland falling through the Rabbi(t) hole into a fantasy world populated by peculiar, zoomorphic  IEEE creatures. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alice%27s_Adventures_in_Wonderland#Plot)

Chapter 1  – Volcanic Negotiation

Hi Jocelyn,
Haven’t heard from you in a while. I hope you are doing
well and the volcano is cooperating.
I am in Croatia at the moment taking care of some
issues, and will be back to Canada in a few days. I am
just wondering if everything is going well with respect to
the conference?

My Dear Alice,
Nice to read from you !
Yes, I am fine.
I am glad you noticed all our efforts to attract some
attention on Iceland in the past few weeks.
Yes, we are feeding the beast.

Believe me, Iceland will be THE hot place to be in june !
Forget all about Ibiza, Berlin or New York.

BTW, I will be there from june 7 to june 17.
What are your plans ?
If you come a bit early, I would love to spend some time with you.
Ah ! yes, I want to bang you, to bang you like hell, to bang
you for hours.
the hot place, I told you 😉 !
some midnight sun casual chat is also fine.
Don’t forget your swimming suit for some outdoor activities
(the blue lagoon, or more standard jacuzzis).
No kidding. This is what I like the most about Iceland.

splish splash, thinking of you,
take care and see you soon !
ps: can I count on you to chair a session ?

The Alice’s pupils become as big as her irises. She quickly closes the email but she accidentally lets the ‘bang’ words out. One by one, they are leaving the email, changing into colorful flirting wasps and flying around the room while drawing concentric circles above Alice’s head. They whisper “no friendship, no admiration, no passion, no romance” and then they are disappearing through the ceiling…

…and chapter closes.

Chapter 2  – Down to the Rabbit Hole

The phone keeps ringing and waking up Alice in Leifur Eiríksson Hótel, an intimate 3-star family run hotel in heart of Reykjavik, recommended by the IEEE Whispers organizing committee creatures. There is a room at the ground level; a small ugly room, never uglier, and a large window looking at a strange atrium and a hallway, formidable in all their views which are directed toward the same room, the same small ugly room in the Hótel Leifur Eiríksson in Reykjavik.

Are you going with me to the beach?” the gentle rabbi(t)ish voice asks “There is a ’hot tub’, we can also swim in the ocean, meet me at the bus station.

Suddenly Alice falls a long way to a curious hall with many locked doors of all sizes. One door opens and Alice finds herself standing at the bus station when the tiny Rabbi(t) arrives holding the sign “Follow me! “. Alice starts shrinking; she becomes miniature, and she immediately starts jumping together with the Rabbi(t). In thee hops they are already on the beach. At the beach, there is a creature, looks like a IEEE creature, with big ears and a strange nose but he immediately disappears. Suddenly, a wet sound of water “splish, splash”, and Alice and the Rabbi(t) find themselves in the cold ocean water. Ah so cold, so cold is the ocean in Reykjavik in June. Unexpectedly, four huge heaters hidden under the water emerge and start shouting: “Go to the hot tub first!!!” “Hurry up!”, the Rabbi(t) and Alice jump in the hot tub, then cold water, then the hot tub again…. Then snapshots, than a splash, then snapshots of the front and back, then a splash again ….a non-sense conversation, and the Icelandic vanilla yogurt ……

…and chapter closes.

Chapter 3  – The rabbit, the rebound

Alice enters the room, the same small ugly room in the Hótel Leifur Eiríksson. Within five minutes, the Rabbi(t) opens the door and jumps on the bed, the same tiny Rabbi(t) from the beach. The ugly ‘viewed-from-everywhere’ room and a beautiful church next door make the Rabbi(t)‘s excitement high, reaching the sky and beyond. And then a word written on his forehead, written in ink…”What is it?”- Alice asks. ”What is it?” The Rabbi(t) jumps toward her and the word suddenly becomes large, larger than the church. It says


Within a second, the Rabbi(t) faces the saintly question. A voice comes to him asking Do you have a wife?

No, I am not married but I do have a companion”- the Rabbi(t) admits.

“…but you have a son with her and you live with her? Will you hurt her, how will she feel?”– Alice is insisting to make sure that she does not become permanently petrified and built in the foundation of the nearby church because of her decision.

NO worries, we have an open ‘Don’t ask, Don’t tell’ relationship“- the Rabbi(t) clarifies his statement.

Your hands are bigger than mine and you have longer fingers…”- the Rabbi(t) quickly changes the topic while complimenting his own femininity ….”Yes, they are perfect for the violin, but I’ve never liked it, its sounds squeaky”- Alice accepts the new topic.

The door starts making high quality creepy sounds and suddenly several shadow IEEE creatures arrive in the room. The Rabbi(t) feels energized around the shadow creatures and starts calling them by names. One has a huge belly, he calls him Andreas; another is a creepy old man, he calls him Mike….ah, Alan is there, and Jon and Paul… Is there Antonio or not, hard to see, and John…..but there is another Mike with huge ears on the top of the mushroom-like head….and the grandpa, he is also there, ah also a female creature Melba, and the whole army of IEEE zoomorphic creatures.

The creatures start whispering:

Seduce her, seduce her….Hurt her, hurt her, hurt the witch, hurt the Christian witch….,

we want enjoyment!

Would you do the same to our beautiful wives and our beautiful daughters, would you, would you?

……and the Rabbi(t) gets encouraged.

The colorful scene becomes interrupted by Jiminy Cricket who shows up above Alice’s head. Yes the same Jiminy from Pinocchio …..

”Alice, think twice”, “Think twice” Jiminy is shouting while Alice is ignoring him.

“Nothing to think about, I am free, mature and he is in my room”, Alice shouts back.

Still, Alice keeps buying time to finalize her decision.

She is starting the conversation #1: ”You know, I tried to find a happy love poem for a friend’s party a few days ago. I spent two hours on the Internet and no happy love poem. They all have sad endings”…. Conversation #2: “So, what do you think about Sarkozy?”

He immediately starts talking about Sarkozy while offering Alice the whole eternity to think about the situation….and, yes, Alice is thinking about her body, about how to hide her boobs that are sagging from breastfeeding of her two children, for six month each; how to hide the tattoos of her daughter’s and her son’s names on each of her boobs; how to hide her pregnancy stretch marks on her stomach and her butt; how to hide her vaginal-tearing-stitch scars from the delivery of her children, etc., etc., Ah, an ordinary woman, always being insecure about her appearance.

”….and what I hate the most about Sarkozy…”the Rabbi(t) keeps talking “… is that he got his grandson the same day when I got my son and he named him the same name, Solal”, the Rabbi(t) finishes his monolog…

… and he gets naked.

The shadow IEEE creatures are slowly getting larger while watching the Rabbi(t)’s naked body.

What will happen if you are making a mistake” – Jiminy starts shouting.

So what, go away”– Alice is trying to get rid of Jiminy.

He is like a child!”- Jiminy keeps saying; the same sentence that Marie Antoinette said in the movie when she saw her husband naked.

Alice is obviously confused with the Rabbi(t)’s miniature shoulders and small torso and with his fragile tiny legs….. the same ‘legs in shorts’ everybody commented during the official wine degustation at Whispers 2009. …”Ah those legs”- the Rabbi(t) says earlier at the beach….”Ah those legs”- Alice is thinking in the room.

Suddenly, the Rabbi(t) starts drinking Brennivin, Icelandic grappa from a tiny rabbit size bottle that he brought opened, while offering Alice to try grappa first time in her life. …And suddenly he becomes large, and even larger. He becomes aware of his enlargement and he starts proudly jumping around, and around and around…to impress Alice, not. At the same time, a shiny, completely hairless object starts jumping around the room together with the Rabbi(t).

The surface is worn and smooth like Stradun in Dubrovnik, worn from use by many …”- Amer would say about Jocelyn.

You must have hundreds of lovers in your life” – Alice suggests.

Hundreds is a small number. The list is much longer” – The Rabbi(t) claims.

Ah, … NO balls, not at all!”, Jiminy observes. Jiminy then opens his laptop and in a millisec he starts shouting: ”Look at this, look at this, he is not a regular man, you are not educated, you spent too long with your family and with one man, you don’t know anything about ……”

Then Jiminy quickly goes back to the future: ” …but he will be growing his light brown tiny public (read pubic) hair in the near future so that he cannot be recognized…..look at this. Something is going on!

Jiminy starts upsetting Alice. Alice starts chocking Jiminy. Jiminy starts coughing and finally stops talking, at least for a short period of time.

The rabbi(t) suddenly starts the show. First, his tongue ____, then her tongue _____; then he said ____, then she said _____. Then her face_____, then his face ____; then his mouth _____, then her mouth ______. Then his legs____, then her legs ____; then he______, then she _____ then with the speed of the Swiss Singer machine he is ____, then all those wasps starts singing in Alice’s head ”no passion, no enjoyment, just speed like prostitution”. Then his loud screams ____, then Alice gets surprised with his screams and shuts down  her feminine screaming ability, and then she gently ______ (for the IEEE and other creatures who needs more amusement and have a problem with erection, feel free to fill in the blank using http://www.sex-lexis.com/).

Maybe Jiminy is right, something is not right here, or,….that is normal, and I am not aware of it?”-Alice doubts.

He is entertaining all the IEEE creatures, don’t you see, he likes to be heard, he likes attention, don’t you see that being heard energizes him; he is …he is self-centered, a LadyBoy, he likes your athletic back”– Jiminy is alive once again.

Jiminy tries to send Alice back to the future and to recall Amer’s words: “Jocelyn is not a sexual leader, everybody knows that, he likes men but…Amer knows it and you don’t….wake uuup!”.  ……”Don’t close your eyes!

Jiminy tries one more time…”go back, go back…Everybody knows that he will cut his long hair and that he will change his voice while in Australia at IGARSS 2013 after Alice goes public…

…and chapter closes.

Chapter 4  – Chasing Germans and Cats

Alice and the Rabbi(t) are crossing the street and going for a drink; it is never dark in Reykjavik in June ”Don’t go there, I have to hide from that German guy Bjorn”- the Rabbi(t) says and they rush to another café.

Not there, let’s go here!”…”ah, he will find me here!”…..”he took the room next to mine!”….”he will call me all night long, what should I tell him?”- the Rabbi(t) starts whispering.

Ok, let’s hide, this is becoming interesting”- Alice notices without recognizing that the Rabbi(t) is dating both of them at the same time.

Jiminy keeps trying to stay on Alice’s shoulder all the time. He holds her hair but struggles. ….

I don’t want to lose you”- Jiminy  shouts. “Go back to the future, go!” Jiminy says to Alice.

…and suddenly, in a split second, the scene goes to the future when, one day later Alice meets Bjorn on the bridge and starts talking about the Rabbi(t).

Alice remembers every words, his likeness of the Rabbi(t), his soft voice while talking about him and his story about being a postdoc shared between Jon and the Rabbi(t).

Dear James,

I enjoyed this time with you so much.
every bit of it.
now, I can go to sleep with my mind full of shining
(ooops… that sounds like a happy love song…).

Bjorn was pretty insisting.
he checked my office.
he tried to call me in my flat.
he was in caffee barinn.
and he is taying so to say next door to my flat.

I would love to see you again tomorrow and the day
tomorrow and the day after.
don’t really know how to do it. this bloody german
will stick
to my ass.
we should kill them all.

anyway, we will find a way, if you agree.
kiss kiss bang bang,


Alice does not allow Jiminy to see the email; Jiminy would panic if he reads the Rabbi(t)’s email and words “Kill them all!”; he would start thinking that the Rabbi(t) is an anti-German / anti-Croatian / anti-Catholic sociopath who possesses a dark emotional desire to seduce and kill them all including Alice. …and calling her ‘James’, hmm. Does he really likes her athletic back and her long fingers; he would continue claiming that the Rabbi(t) is a gay and then what? Jiminy would start recognizing the “HINTS” and that could screw up the situation.

Dear Sarkozy,
maybe he likes you   !???….I will call you later
today, if you
go out for a drink, give me a shout.


…and it is never dark in Reykjavik in June…..the Reykjavik cats are always on the streets.

Ah, they are so cute, I just got one beautiful orange cat a few months ago, he is adorable. We call him Serge”– Alice said.

Didn’t I tell you that cats and I have a special connection, they like me very much.” – the Rabbi(t) said “..and I like them”.

What CATS….all CATS…..what cats, I am the cat, my last name….what last name”……

hi beauty,

….. funny this morning I met a black cat. beautiful one. he came
to me. told you about this connection, right ?
you called silly.
did you know that my name can be decomposed into Cha(t) – nu –
could be translated as silly naked cat.


HE sent you the orange cat; it is the sign; only when your cat dies he will disappear from your life.” Jiminy is adding to the confusion.

…and the chapter closes.

Chapter 5  – The Rabbits shared student and the Tea-Party

Early morning 8:30 or so; Sleepy Alice and other sleepy IEEE creatures are attending a girl’s PhD defense. “Who’s that girl?” Alice starts whispering the song lyrics… One good zoom-in and Alice recognizes the girl, Yuliya.

Ah, the PhD shared student between Jon Benediktsson, David Goodenough and the Rabbi(t)”, Alice still remembers a nice wide smile on David’s face and his charming teeth when he was introducing the girl to her during Whispers 2009 in Grenoble that he attended with his lovely wife and granddaughters.

The show starts. The committee is hidden at the front. A gentle voice of a blond female IEEE creature Melba…a gentle voice of an Italian IEEE male creature Paolo…”Who is that? I cannot see well. Who else is there?” Alice is trying to see the committee members.

Jiminy is adding to the excitement: “The shared girl is answering the questions better than the Oscar actors …does she have the glass stand in front of her”… ”I cannot see it, wait.”- Alice starts talking to Jiminy first time in a couple of days.

Hmmm, if she published 6 papers out of her thesis, out of this thesis …….Hmmm, then I should have stayed in my bed…..”. Alice mumbles.

Go back to the future Alice, go! – Jiminy is shouting.

…..and two hours later, Alice approaches the blond female IEEE creature Melba trying to start a conversation with her with an extra effort as usual……

“A very nice defense.”- Alice says.

Yes, that girl would do ANYTHING to succeed, really anything”, the IEEE female creature says while leaving Alice’s presence in large steps, as quickly as possible like Alice has just survived the 18th century plague outbreaks.

What do you think about my student and her defence?”, the Rabbi(t) approaches Alice while he transforms in the Grinch.

I don’t want to comment your student, I shouldn’t do that”- Alice avoids the answer.  Please tell me, it is important for me to know your opinion” – the Rabbi(t) enjoys the acting …..”If you insist: That girls would do ANYTHING to succeed”- Alice proudly repeats the big words of even bigger IEEE female creature. The rabbi(t) smiles claiming the victory, and he jumps away on his tiny legs joining another IEEE creature with a big head and glasses made of a glass jar bottom who plays a saxophone for free.

Go back to the future…go!” Jiminy interrupts the moment.

…and a day or two later, the shared girl approaches Alice, and wants to tell her all, all what? She arrives with her boyfriend. “Who is that guy? Do we all know him? Why is he looking at me? Will he see me in a movie…will I see him in a movie…..Confusion???” , all this is crossing Alice’s mind while she is almost falling over the stairs damaging her new brown Spanish sandals made of leather and natural rubber.

“My boyfriend is a professor from Grenoble, from our university”, the shared girls is explaining without being asked….”

Nice!” Alice accepts the conversation like she would do with her own children.

My family in Ukraine does not approve our relationship because he has dark skin”, the girl starts complaining; “I don’t know how I will leave him when I go to work for NASA in a few months” she is adding and adding, and adding.

NASA, who is the NASA guy?”- Jiminy is questioning.

Go back to the future, Alice to the future”- Jiminy interrupts. “……read the very last email from the Rabbi(t)…hurry up, read it!

…..I can only say that despite what I think of her as a person – she is one of the most manipulative person I know 

I was always more than fair to her (and her former boyfriend, a friend of mine)

both from a personal and a professional point of view”.

……and yet he will find her a job in INRIA where all his close, very close friends and male lovers work …….”…. Jiminy starts questioning.

…and the chapter closes.

Chapter 6  – Fire alarm and Alan’s dopamine level

Have you activated the fire alarm in the Hótel Leifur Eiríksson at 6:50 a.m.?” Alan is asking Alice while his dopamine level is reaching the pre-motor cortex area of his brain right after he gets energized by the witchcraft event. Alan is a IEEE creature with a frozen military smile on his face that formulates him as a serious, smart and even moral person.

“Must be Mueller…..no, it was Mike, Mike who……..”The Rabbi(t) asks Alan in front of Lori.  Alice captures the Rabbi(t)’s unique, indifferent-like, face expression… the same expression he will have two years later when he involves Fabio in his show. Fabio is another tiny Rabbi(t)-like IEEE creature with a weird necklace around his tiny neck that holds a tiny head that has two tiny eyes and he whispers.

Suddenly, like in old movies, the scene is becoming foggy and Alice is remembering how everything happened.

The foggy scene starts with the Rabbi(t) next to Alice on the same bed in the same ugly room. He stays overnight the second night…. 5:45 am in the morning, there is no dark in Reykjavik in June….Alice is looking at the Rabbi(t) while he is sleeping.

Strange, he is so quiet…no snoring at all…hm….Strange, he does not have any smell…hm….is he a man, perhaps… Ah, every woman would like to find this in her husband, no snoring, no smell…..his hands are really tiny….” – Alice is thinking.

The Rabbi(t) wakes up and gets dressed….it is just after 6:40 am…a small washing machine starts following him around the room, but then it gives up any effort….. The door gently opens and he leaves.

Just a minute later, suddenly the fire alarm goes off. Alice slowly puts her clothes on, with no glance of panicking…….besides, it is the ground floor…besides, she remembers when the fire alarm went off during the IGARSS conference in 2004 in Anchorage, Alaska. ….she recalls how somebody was saying in Anchorage -”No worries, it is just a trick of old IEEE men who wanted to see undressed people….”.

Alice slowly opens the door and sees a big eye peeping through the slightly open door across the narrow hallway….the Eye is there, one meter from Alice…”Should we panic?”, Alice is asking the Eye…..nothing, silence…”Is this the fire alarm, should we leave?”… silence……

Alice closes the door and next morning Alice is at the reception of the same ugly hotel but different building….In front of her, there is a blond girl, an angel…a real angel.

I’ve never seen such a beautiful young girl. What is she doing here?….Why is she here, she can be a model, a real model…?” Alice observes.

HowCanIHelp”, the girl asks in English with the Icelandic accent of long words that have minimum 11 letters.

I am from the ‘ugly’ room and I am with IEEE, like all your guests in that building. A colleague who has the room across mine, could you please tell me his name?”- Alice is referring to the Eye…”I have to send him some information and I forgot his name.”-Alice is claiming.

Could you wait please, I have to make a phone call?” -the Angel says with a smart voice, if a voice can be ever smart.

Sorry”- she is continuing a couple of seconds later, “I cannot tell you his name, the conference organizer is the owner’s friend” …… Who, Jon Benediktsson?” Alice tries to argue.

The Angel did not say anything.

…and the chapter closes.

Chapter 7  – The Lord of the Rings

Chapter Seven opens with Alice growing to such tremendous size that she starts seeing her shadow made of two Bosnian creatures who follow her wherever she goes. One calls himself “Amer(ican) Smiley Beg” (a Turkish title meaning “Lord” or “Chief,” or earlier “Agent), a creature with a big round head and a squeezing mouth-like opening in the middle. Another Bosnian calls himself “Sneezing Poppy” (or Sneezing Mak), a creature with a large anchor attached to one of his legs.  …and then Peter, Peter Pan from Canada is joining them, and some other IEEE creatures.

The (Dark) Lord and the Poppy are close friends who escaped Bosnia and the war with Croatians by going to live in Croatia and USA. Thousands of years before the events of the Chapter, the Dark Lord had forged the One PhD Ring to rule the other Rings of Power and corrupt those who wore them. The Dark Lord is on the peak of corruption and pimping. After a failed attempt to save his house from the barbarians’ attacks, he is forced to punish Alice. His head becomes even bigger and Alice says “Dude, you’re such an EvilDragon!

That Christian witch will pay for my house, for my father, for my homosexuality…….I will earn money by poisoning her, and yet, I will stay a USA citizen, I may even become their spy, but I will punish her. I will continue where the Rabbi(t) stops. Together we will destroy the Christian bitch”- fire starts coming out of the Dark Lord’s ears and Alice gets frightened.

Jiminy wake up, wake up Jiminy”- Alice is whispering…..but Jiminy is so tired from chasing the cat that day that he misses to alert Alice.

The conference continues. Another Rabbi(t)’s close male friend gets the conference award, as usual. The Dark Lord presents the same presentation once again, as usual, or better to say over and over again. The boat and dinner on the island…..

Then the Dark Lord realizes that Alice used to work with Peter Pan at CCRS and decides to become a friend with Peter, and to use him as a Canadian link to his Rings. Soon after Peter adds the Dark Lord to his Facebook, and he becomes a valuable Canadian Ring. Only three years later, the Lord is disappearing from Peter’s Facebook hiding behind a different name and identity across the Internet when Alice goes public and Peter invites Alice to join his facebook  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lord_of_the_Rings).

They are spending a couple of nights together walking around and exploring Reykjavik at night… Peter is drinking Alice’s third beer. He gets more excited than Alice’s gluten level after her almost-finished-second beer…An interesting concept; everybody is drinking on the streets…..the same cats around…..”The nights are long in the winter time in Reykjavik, we get used to drinking, we have to stay active, we have to drink”, one local person says.

…and the chapter closes.

Chapter 8  – University apartments with Lotz of Joy

hi beauty,

 I will be a bit busy after the conference.
my plan is to go to the swimming pool (finally !) that is
about 5 min walk from here in the west direction.
it is called vesturbaejarlaug

(a map provided)

no blue lagoon
and I guess no whale watching tour (actually I never heard of
anyone who actually enjoyed it, but I never did it myself)
the pool is opened until 22h00.

then I will some time to pack and then either collapse for a

couple of hours or maybe show you my flat ???

Luckily Alice decides not to go to the swimming pool. Unluckily, Alice is not checking the information and map about the pool ……Jiminy is not checking the name of the pool either and Alice is not able to read the puzzle ” ‘Gay in City’ shows you where you can find Vesturbaejarlaug (Swimming Pool West) and many others gay places – the gay hookups place, swimming for naked gays”, as advertised on the Internet.

Another homosexual sociopathic HINT from the Rabbi(t) and his dirty game of attracting Alice to a homosexual swimming pool”. …..Jiminy would panic.

…..but Jiminy is still sleeping and the Rabbi(t) continues writing Alice’s book, slowly as he planned since Boston IGARSS in 2008.

….A text message or two, and Alice is falling through another Rabbi(t) hole and here she is, in a university flat where rabbi(t) shares the door with his shared female student Yuliya…. Alice immediately feels uncomfortable, but she thinks “…maybe that is ‘normal’ and I am not aware of it. 

……the Rabbi(t) chooses a sofa and asked Alice to join him on that particular sofa….and Alice thinks “ maybe that is ‘normal’ and I am not aware of it.

Noooooo”- Jiminy enters the room…..”this is the setup, this is the setup, don’t go there, don’t do that, …..you are not educated, you don’t know why he is doing this….” (Merriam-Webster: setup – something done by deceit or trickery in order to compromise or frame someone).

A minute later, Alice tries to keep her balance as her body is too heavy for the ‘standing Rabbi(t)’.  Her big toe suddenly grows and Alice manages to place it at the edge of the bed …. she saves the balance while getting several bruises.

Aren’t you a bit too large for him; Didn’t he just come back from the gay swimming pool?” Jiminy is continuing to provoke Alice.

I am travelling tomorrow, I am a bit tired”- the Rabbi(t) tries to find an excuse for his size. …”I understand”, Alice says and she leaves.

The moment she leaves becomes an empty moment for some strange reason that she cannot explain… it is never dark in Reykjavik in June….Alice is walking slowly…. Jiminy is sleeping on her shoulder, exhausted from all the activities….only those colorful wasps, the same wasps from Chapter 1 are flying around and making the beautiful bright blue sky dark, very dark.

…and the chapter closes.

Chapter 9  – The Blue lagoon dream and the reality

It is not a problem of having only 3 hours of day light” – the hotel bus driver says while driving to the Blue Lagoon. “It is a problem when there is no sunlight during those hours. People become depressed, very depressed”- she continues. This looks like the only “normal” moment for Alice in a week or so …..and then the Blue Lagoon.

No IEEE creatures are there at that time…Blue water, silica, sauna….the rocks, fascinating volcanic rocks…..the nature is pure….Alice forgets about the IEEE creatures and truly enjoys the common arrangement for Reykjavik visitors before their flights. John, a IEEE creature, is joining the Lagoon while Alice is leaving.

The Reykjavik airport, the last call for Canada and no time to purchase a woolen scarf…..A couple of IEEE creatures are there on the same plane traveling to Canada; a creature from Alberta who hardly says hello to Alice like she has just survived the 18th century plague outbreaks …… but that creature becomes small, so small, as small as the sphere made of people like him to which he belongs, Emile Zola would say. …..Alice ignores him, picks up her luggage and hugs her orange cat.

…and all chapters close.


POST #9 – Posted on Aug 15 2019


Stay away from Jocelyn Chanussot (JC), he sells people. You are one of them. Run away from all those old IEEE men, you are red headed, just run away from them. There are several different groups who do terrible things, the dark market ….. – said a semi-familiar voice! She felt confused and skeptical but, at the same time she became curious, provocative in her emails and intuitive enough to begin her exploration (see emails). AND THEN, everything just clicked!


Suicide was not for her. Crying was not an option either. Pain, yes. Tremendous pain, beyond human understanding. At the same time, the mental strength, self-control and promise to find THE ANSWER!



She was exhausted from sleepless nights and vomiting, as undeserved shame poisoned her body and her mind. But still, her thoughts were unstoppable, flying from one situation to another, from one person to another, from one time to another, challenging every single fragment of her memory, short-term memory, long-term memory, photographic memory, episodic memory. She felt like a bee hovering over flowers of a strawberry field, or rather like a seagull hovering over rotten rats deciding which one to eat first.

The disturbing clues about the network from the hell started emerging, slowly and then rapidly, just like those maggots and flies that she couldn’t get rid of for days, coming out from nowhere, first moving across the floor and then flying around the condo, ten per day, ten per night, big black flies. A friend said they were typical Victorian maggots –They come from garbage, and they enter every pore of your life and space, and you can hardly get rid of them.

It would never be possible to go back and reconstruct how exactly her thoughts started, or to compile them all. No words could explain their order or intensity. But the pictures were so vivid while conquering her mind, that the holistic side of her thinking became mysteriously powerful.

Perhaps, she started with her thoughts from the beginning, when she met JC, or even earlier when she met Allan Hollinger and David Goodenough. Here is barely an attempt to reconstruct some of them:

  • Hi, I am organizing a new conference, Whispers, next year? Would you like to join and be on the team? Do you have your business card? –JC asked her while she was entering the IEEE conference room eager to attend the hyperspectral session where women were scarce (see picture). Ah, you don’t need my business card to remember me she said and kept on walking, without thinking that she just nourished a psychopath who had already planned how to change her life.
  • Ah, my back hurts so much, here, touch it – Allan Hollinger said after he came uninvited to her Ottawa apartment, a day after she met him on the Toronto-Ottawa train for the first time. It’s fine, I can see it from here – she said while looking at the back of a short, old man…….and he left.
  • I like David Goodenough very much; he is VERY smart when he talks at conferences – JC said, in Paris. Her opinion was quite the opposite, and she did not accept his answer to rationalize her observation of their strong connection, but she decided not to argue.
  • xxxxxxx xxxxxxx – she recalled tons of vulgar words in JC’s emails. Is he a prostitute or what, I need a dictionary to understand his vocabulary – she recalled her thinking on many occasions, but she never related them to any sociopathic meaning (see emails).
  • She recalled his picture sent to her with the title: Killer-look (see email). She accepted the word ‘Killer’ as part of his unusual charm, without paying attention that this word was coming out of his mouth too often, until later.
  • Will be staying in Hótel Leifur Eiríksson. I made my reservation directly, so they confirmed it and told me to inform the organizer about the reservation (see email)– she recalled the unusual request from the hotel, like they were connected to Jon Benediktsson and JC, in some way, she thought.
  • Who are better people, Croats or those from Montenegro? You are all good, aren’t you? Who is the best out of all of you, Croats? – JC asked sarcastically, in Paris. I have a new student from Montenegro; he is very gentile, soft – JC continued. Sure, they are known as nice people – she said and wondered why he was so negative about Eastern Europeans. How can he be with me if he hates Croats? – crossed her mind. Why is he happy about his student’s ‘softness’ – she wondered but never thought, at that time, that his desire to control people required them ‘to be soft’. Her smile was also on his list.
  • The LinkedIn IEEE Women in GRSS group – They play with me by offering me the leading position to trick all other women, when Steven Reising is the one who is controlling the ‘women’ website all the time, including my comments…. That guy from India, that is JC pretending to be someone else, just to be able to manipulate the conversations and to provoke female colleagues. I recognize his style and timing. Why does he like to fake? – she wondered soon after she started the group openly confronting JC (see email).
  • Tell the audience what we are planning to do next year in Iceland – JC embarrassed her during IGARSS 2009, where she saw him second time in her life, and where Michael Inggs set her up to co-chair the session with him. He planned everything in advance, and he gave the audience a hint, simply because many of them already knew what to expect – she concluded.
  • I hate my students; engineering students, I really hate them, I would kill them allJC said, in Paris, while leaving her wondering – Why so much negativity in this guy?
  • I try to spend with my son a couple of hours every Saturday morningJC said, in Paris. Nice – she said. What a father, just Saturday mornings and yet, “he tries” – she questioned his parental love.
  • JC is so nice and sweet. He is very funny and smart – She remembered Bjorn saying it several times while crossing the Reykjavik bridge together. With all the hiding of JC from Bjorn that night, she felt their love in the air.
  • She observed some special connection between several of them, she remembered. Why JC, Bjorn, Jon and Yuliya are so obviously avoiding being seen together at conferences when they are professionally connected? Hmm, only together in the empty conference hall? – she wondered, in Vancouver.
  • David Goodenough called me; he said that Allan Hollinger was funding a small project and wanted you to work on the project – her mentor said. Hmm, strange, I just met Allan a few weeks ago, but he did not mention anything to me – she said.
  • Haha, the pink male underwear – she laughed in Paris. What’s wrong with that? – JC asked. Nothing, I’ve never seen it before; it is unusual – she continued laughing but decided not to challenge his sexual orientation, and she never did.
  • I can get you a coffee? – JC asked her, at the Charles de Gaulle Airport, on their way to the IEEE AdCom meeting in San Francisco. …. And then he said – How do you know that I didn’t put something in your coffee? – She accepted the comment as part of his charm, but it was really a morbid comment.
  • This time the antibiotics were not helping – JC said on the plane to San Francisco. The idea about Penicillin G didn’t cross her mind at all, and she naively tried to explore the reasons for the antibiotics’ failure even though he did not look sick. I think….. – she started. I don’t care what you think – he suddenly changed his mood and became rude to her, while switching his sexual body language from targeting her to targeting him, a young gay blue-eye flight attendant. The situation was awkward, but his body language was funny, so funny that she even didn’t mind his rudeness.
  • I will invite Antonio Plaza to Grenoble. I want to know if he is really so nice, and to see how bad he can be – JC said, in Paris, soon after he mentioned the soft personality of his student, leaving her to wonder. Involved in what – she asked without connecting the information.
  • You never came to Grenoble, and you will be punished for that; Bjorn came two/three times – JC said advertising that something was going on in Grenoble, but she really didn’t care. His charm softened his threat, and she didn’t get him seriously?
  • This is Yuliya. She is doing her shared PhD between Jon Benediktsson and JC – David Goodenough was introducing Yuliya to her during the first Whispers conference, with a wide smile full of his lovely yellow teeth. His happiness was beyond imagination – she observed, but she did not consider the information as her business at that time.
  • The network from the hell….to share you between Jon and me – JC asked her to share a taxi with Jon on her trip to the IEEE AdCom meeting in Frascati. I got impression that you sent Jon that silly ‘sharing’ email and yes I got frozen – she commented back in her email, as she did not like the term he used (see email). Just later, she found how the word ‘shared’ fitted JC’s life.
  • Stop, it’s not working – he demanded in a serious voice, in Vancouver. Just later she realized that his laptop was too far to turn JC on. But, after all, who would think that controlling and manipulating a victim was his only turning-on mechanism, all the time.
  • Could you wait till I prepare everything? – he demanded before they met in Paris. Prepare what? – she wondered. Could you wait in the lobby while I talk to my son? – he demanded again. She observed that he was phoning several people, but her poor French didn’t allow her to understand the conversations. Perhaps he called his helper with a tattoo from his university who was managing his ‘monitoring-others’ computer system in Grenoble. Perhaps, he called the pimp – she thought later.
  • You know, my son is sick, and I must have my laptop opened in case he calls me – JC said in Lyon. We call this place The Pencil – he said while paying for the hotel room with a handful of cash money (see email). Why is he paying like a prostitute; didn’t he say that IEEE would cover the hotel? – she thought for a second.
  • Oh, don’t mention Melba and David, they may come and join us if they hear us – JC was joking. I had to have my laptop opened on my way to here to look busy – he continued while placing his opened laptop on the pile of her clothes, in Frascati.
  • A photographic memory of the grandpa placing his hand on the grandma’s waist while approaching her in the conference hallway, while she was smiling. From the back, it can be a surprise, but from the front, it must be a special relationship – she thought while observing the situation.
  • .if you go and have not registered yet, I could propose you a free registration (a colleague of mine is registered but will not go. You could use his registration.) that would save you some money that you could use to give me a visit later in Grenoble. like september 1-4 ? …. available day time sept1-2-3-4 but must take care of the baby at night (see email). – She recalled his emails and was wondering what would happen if she decided to go to Grenoble, for better or worse.
  • You were wrong, I am not out-of-center, only self-centered! – he defined his, typical for narcissistic sociopaths, physiological profile, in his email (see email).
  • ..and here, I am fetish – JC said in another email (see email). After checking the urban dictionary, she was still wondering what he was thinking by that, but she was not able to connect his fetishism to his laptop and secrete video recordings, at that time, not even when he said in his email: I have a full high definition permanent movie theater in my head…or, interesting to think that this was only the beginning of the exploration (see emails)
  • I will find you wherever you go – JC stated (see email). However, she did not recognize his threats in this email or any other email he sent until she started paying attention to the pattern. Besides, who would think that he would ‘try to find’ her with the disgracing videos ‘wherever she tried to find a job’. He is really finding me wherever I go – she recalled the job interview at Algoma University (see emails)….Then, the fear started occupying her veins like a plume as she started thinking about her upcoming job interview at the University of Victoria (UVIC), BC, organized in the middle of November just for her to stay there after her contract position. What if they do the damage to my job interview here at UVIC? – she started panicking.
  • …..feel free to give them a call asking for a room connected to mine ! just in case we want to cross the door at night. – he wrote in his email when preparing the trip to San Francisco (see email). Wow, I would never think of that; he sounds like an experienced prostitute; he knows the drill – she was surprised with the request.
  • Haha, where did you buy your glasses; Hmm, didn’t they have the male version – she joked while exiting the airport in San Francisco. But this time his body language did not switch back from the gay attendant to her. His mood was dark, and the bus trip to the hotel was silent. Hmm, he is the moody one – she was thinking while looking at his long hair and bright green glasses.
  • I am embarrassed for the reason I came, but I had a relationship with a very promiscuous person, and I want all possible testing to be done, just in case – she said to a walk-in clinic doctor in Toronto. ……Thanks God; cannot thank him enough – she concluded later.
  • Fabio and I thought it’s a woman sitting here because of your long hair, it is really long – she remembered saying to JC while approaching his table in Munich. Then, like a bullet, his misogynistic comment left his dirty mouth, blaming her to be a female animal who already missed his ‘whatever’. He was so open and rude that she became speechless while thinking Why are you saying this? What is your problem? What are you saying, you, who does not have any balls, not even ‘b’ of balls?but she decided to stay silent; and she left. His whole speech was clearly said in front of Dr. Michal Shimoni and Dr. Simon Jones, who listened it without blinking an eye. Just later she recalled the whole situation and concluded that both Michal and Simon must have known about JC’s sharing of her/others’ privacy, in addition to others named in her blogs.
  • When Fabio Pacifici, who could be her son by his age (not by his character), grabbed her hand to join the unstoppable IEEE crazy dance in Munich, she thought – How inappropriate. But she had already wondered about his role in the whole situation (see email), and his behavior and comments during the conference, and later in Los Angeles, just nicely clicked in the picture.
  • An empty beautiful house in Toronto; just several boxes on the floor, heavy enough to cause hernia; unhappiness and sadness about selling her house, and plus her intuition that something was terribly wrong in her life, right after Munich, where she managed to gather many clues but still did not have THE ANSWER. That moment, all her emotions came to one word: ‘the devil’. Hitting the floor with a paper roll would help, like in The Exorcist – she thought and recalled her fear when she saw the movie first time as a tanager. Is this my destiny? – she started believing without realizing that she was just saved, saved by her God, she simply felt his presence, and he never left her since ……And, the things started clearing up soon, in Victoria.
  • ….this bloody german will stick to my ass; we should kill them all – the sentence from JC’s email was constantly in her head. I am not going to comment on this at all, why to kill– she recalled her thinking when she saw the sentence in JC’s email, which, only later, made the complete sense of why he hated Germans (see email).
  • …you can bring – a bottle of red wine ? I am sure it suits your …….– he proposed before they met. Do you want to take the rest of wine – he asked her, in Paris, like she would ever do such a cheap move……. Then, I will bring some wine?– he said before they met in Lyon (see emails). It was only several months later that she learned why he was insisting on bringing wine every time they met; he used it as another approach to disgrace her.
  • He is so lucky with all those students, all boys from Eastern Europe. – A colleague for INRA said to her. Why boys, he has a girl from Ukraine – she commented without recognizing the ‘gayness’ of the Dr. Bear’s comment.
  • Then Chris and Marco, and their dance in Munich. Another JC’s setup.….No problem, we will dance but under my rules – she decided while observing their excitement with a corner of her right eye, while they were forcing the third guy they brought with them to stay at the music podium hoping for the best. Ah, finally a normal guy – she thought when she saw the reaction of the guy, as he was insisting on leaving.
  • …did you like John Kerekes comment that God created men and women not to be equal but complementary – he wrote/said and then he continued: They all keep asking me why I don’t get married?  she recalled his comment. Why is he against God so much and against men and women…? – she questioned (see email).
  • Where is my scarf? – she tried to find it before she left the room rushing to catch the train and get to work before lunch. It is under the bed. …You will be late. he was rushing her to leave while she insisted on finding her scarf. Wow, you are so smart, how come it ended there, did you hide it? – She commented without a real second thought. Thank you – she said and kissed him while he stayed silent and still, without any movement at all. Hmm, like a pussy – it crossed her mind before she opened the door to leave. Ops my neighbor arrived – JC suddenly gained the speaking abilities and said loudly when the next-room door slammed, in Paris. A strange person – it crossed her mind and she left with no comment. ……..THEN, it was on the train, when she consciously realized, for the very first time, that JC was a prostitute, who ‘ordered’ someone over the phone the night before. Ops my neighbor arrived – she kept recalling while on the train. Calm as usual, she immediately wrote him an email while still on the train expressing her sadness and almost her apology for not leaving even earlier (see email). And then, she immediately decided to stop any further relationship (see email). Her immediate concern was how to stop the relationship and how to avoid his retaliation that she expected, in Munich and later. She decided to do it gently, using her humor, as she started feeling fear from his abuse of power (see emails). She felt caged and trapped all the time by his negativity, pressure and control doing things the way he wanted (see emails), and she knew he would not let her go easily, as she had already tried to stop their relationship (see email). Nevertheless, while in Paris or in Munich, she still was not aware of him stealing and fabricating her privacy during their relationship. It did not cross her mind, not even for a second, not even when she read his hint in the subject of his email The last tango in Paris (given that this was not their first rendezvous in Paris), when he decided to make the finale of his sociopathic plan (see email)…..until later.

The last tango in Paris – she kept repeating the title of JC’s email. There must be more hints in his emails; THE ANSWER must be somewhere there – the idea of pattern recognition came to her mind, and, indeed, the pattern recognition led her to a series of discoveries, one after another, just like a domino effect in a horror movie.  Here there are in chronological order:


It was a sunny late afternoon in Victoria, BC, a city where the most beautiful flowers and many old men shared the same sky. She fought the last maggot hidden behind her piano and started downloading all JC’s emails, pasting them  chronologically in a .doc file, hoping to find some pattern in JC’s expressions.  It took her not more than 10 minutes to capture words like: killing all Germans; I will find you wherever you go; I am sending you a killer-look picture; funeral party but never lose faith, etc. (see emails).  The PATTERN was obvious almost immediately:  numerous emails contained many threatening and killing messages nicely wrapped and camouflaged in the charming and flirting texts making impossible to capture the pattern when received from time to time.

Before the shock conquered her mind, she quickly googled “charming and threatening”. The first on the list was a summary of five different human personalities. First, second, third, fourth – she stopped, fifth, she was reading faster than ever……. and then forth again. It was a ‘sociopath/psychopath’ – the description was a perfect fit to JC’s emails, his verbal sentences, and his behavior. Exactly: charming and threatening.

She did not waste her time but quickly started googling information about sociopaths/psychopaths:

  • superficial charm;
  • manufactured reactions causing chaos and play innocent while blaming others to gain the societal status;
  • pathological liars;
  • no remorse (happy when hurting others, no chromosomes for feelings/shame/love and no consciousness);
  • strong desire to control people
  • highly promiscuous, often bisexuals;
  • inappropriate behavior / narcissist / self-centered / vicious / could be killers
  • like to send hints while hurting
  • commonly compared with cats
  • strong desire to put the blame on others
  • even if exposed, the attention makes them happy

Psychopaths are unable to form emotional attachments or feel real empathy with others, although they often have disarming or even charming personalities. Psychopaths are extremely manipulative and can easily gain people’s trust. They learn to mimic emotions, despite their inability to actually feel them and will appear normal to unsuspecting people. Psychopaths are often well educated and hold steady jobs. Some are so good at manipulation and mimicry that they have families and other long-term relationships without those around them ever suspecting their true nature.

When committing crimes, psychopaths carefully plan out every detail in advance and often have contingency plans in place. Unlike their sociopathic counterparts, psychopathic criminals are cool, calm, and meticulous. Their crimes, whether violent or non-violent, will be highly organized and generally offer few clues for authorities to pursue. Intelligent psychopaths make excellent white-collar criminals and “con artists” due to their calm and charismatic natures. 

Psychopathy is the most dangerous of all antisocial personality disorders because of the way psychopaths dissociate emotionally from their actions, regardless of how terrible those actions may be. 

Psychopathic killers view their innocent victims as inhuman objects to be tormented and exterminated for their own amusement or even sexual gratification (https://www.psychologytoday.com/ca/blog/wicked-deeds/201401/how-tell-sociopath-psychopath).

Sociopaths, on the other hand, tend to be nervous and easily agitated. They are volatile and prone to emotional outbursts, including fits of rage. They are likely to be uneducated and live on the fringes of society, unable to hold down a steady job or stay in one place for long. Many sociopaths are able to form an attachment to a particular individual or group, although they have no regard for society in general or its rules. Any crimes committed by a sociopath, including murder, will tend to be haphazard, disorganized and spontaneous rather than planned (https://www.psychologytoday.com/ca/blog/wicked-deeds/201401/how-tell-sociopath-psychopath).

She kept reading, faster and faster, more and more, while looking for new keywords, like she wanted to ensure some statistical significance by having enough samples to prove what was already so obvious. In less than an hour, a new keyword captured her attention, and it was ‘Whispering’. She immediately connected JC’s sociopathic profile and the name of his conference and googled the combination “Whispers and sociopath” while asking herself Why did JC name his conference Whispers? This took her directly to the series of You Tube videos “TheDeafeningWhisper”, numbered up to over 100 of them (see snapshot).  She quickly scanned through the videos where very young teenagers/adults were there to provide various advises, most of them video-recorded from their neck below. ….and she stopped for a second when she recognized the same type of massage using just one finger, once offered to her by JC. Then, she stopped on another one, which was related to sociopaths where the readers/listeners expressed their satisfaction in their comments about how the Creator of TheDeafeningWhisper was finally showing his face; the face of a very young male person. Then, the whispering voice started talking about ‘Ten worst sociopathic sexual violence cases’ (listen here WS500140_TheDeafeningWhisper).

This is him. This is him, this is Jocelyn! This is his voice and accent! – she interrupted the whispering.  She freaked out. She listened it again and again, then grabbed her voice recorder and recorded the voice twice to make sure that the whispering was captured properly. Then, she suddenly closed her laptop, like she was hoping to stop everything that way, or she just wished she never heard that voice.

Then, different feelings were coming and leaving; the emotions went crazy that night. The initial excitement about discovering the JC’s You Tube videos was soon suppressed by tremendous fear, which lasted for several months, a constant fear day and night, fear for her job, fear for her life to be harmed or killed. In parallel, she was angry at herself for not being able to see the problem on time, for not being able to recognize a sociopath, and for never thinking that sociopaths/psychopaths could be among intellectuals. She was blaming herself for her misjudgment of JC’s personality. She did not want to accept the fact that she was vulnerable after losing her marriage of twenty-six years, but rather she saw that as her own excuse which she immediately rejected. Then, she started feeling a pity for JC, for his sickness, for his son, a tremendous pity.

Fear, excitement, anger, then a strong feeling of sympathy for JC. ……Then, again, she became angry at herself for feeling a pity rather than being angry at him. Fear, excitement, anger, sympathy, anger because of no anger. …….God, help her vocabulary, there is no one word that could explain all her emotions that night.

The very next day, she received an upsetting email sent by Voirsanslesyeux written in French, came from France, suggesting the blog about blind people (see emails). Wasn’t JC involved in some research that included visually impaired people ?– she questioned. Then, the pattern again – every time she would touch the JC’s You Tube videos, she would receive an email from the same email address with either semi-threatening or with some sexual expressions talking about homosexuality, ‘quantum sexuality and pheromone dance’, etc. (see emails).

She concluded – The TheDeafeningWhisper You Tube videos are there to monitor and follow the readers/listeners; JC is following their IP addresses just like he is following mine. He learns about their personalities from their comments, feelings, questions while developing their profiles and controlling them through social media in who knows through what other ways – she was certain. Many questions were left unanswered: Who are those young people in the videos? How old are they? Are they underage? Did he hurt any of them? Who is that young guy who finally showed himself to the thirsty listeners when JC started whispering about 10 sociopathic cases? Does he know that he was used by JC? – she questioned.

I used to enjoy enjoying time for itself, doing nothing but observing the world.  – JC said in one of his email (see email).


CHAPTER 2 – PATTERN RECOGNITION: Psychopath and Emails

  • Pattern recognition – Hints through music

Then, she decided to list all YouTube songs JC was constantly sending her and to check their lyrics, one by one. The coincidence or destiny, but she had never paid attention to song lyrics in her life, just music; music was a big part of her and her life. So, each time she attempted to capture the meaning of the expected-to-be romantic lyrics of the JC’s repertoire by all given rules of any (sexual) romance, she was unpleasantly shocked with their negativity, and then she would simply ignore them. Just later, she contradicted JC with the song of Manu Chao ‘Promiscuity’, which obviously shocked him. He immediately started bombarding her with a million of different and non-related songs just to unset the pattern (see emails).

This is just a quick repertoire of some of his songs, listed in order, showing a shocking PATTERN. For the complete understanding, you must read and try to understand the lyrics, as included below. She truly believed that he was also the creator of the YouTube sites, but she didn’t bother exploring that further.  Hopefully, he is not behind these lyrics-sites.

PATTERN 1: Talking about himself – His selection song repertoire started with the album Pornography from The Cure, (https://genius.com/The-cure-pornography-lyrics), then All Cats are Grey (https://genius.com/The-cure-all-cats-are-grey-lyrics), then continued with The Funeral Party (https://genius.com/The-cure-the-funeral-party-lyrics). I will let, you, the reader, decide about JC’s mental state based on the lyrics of these songs, including desire to kill, to be dead, a fear from old age as a man, the sickness that does not have cure, and pornography among all other dark hints.

PATTERN 2: Talking about his intentions – The repertoire continued with the song Dirty Boots by Sonic Youth (https://songmeanings.com/songs/view/48745/). She was shocked when she received this song with his Christmas greetings (see email). Again, I will let you, the reader, decide about how JC feels about women, if he believes that women use men for pleasure only, and if he likes to punish them through revenge, promiscuity, etc.

PATTERN 3 – Letting her know what he did – After a while, the repertoire included the songs My baby shot me down (https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/nancysinatra/bangbangmybabyshotmedown.html), and I Shot the Sheriff (https://genius.com/The-wailers-i-shot-the-sheriff-lyrics). Again, I will let you, the reader, decide about JC’s happiness about what he did to her, and his feelings of being hated by other people and his desire to kill them.

…..and many other songs.

  • Pattern Recognition – Hints though movies and art

The JC’s emails also contained many movie titles and short movie dialogs, all suggesting the flow of his actions and his sick mind, to such perfection that emails can represent a book on its own.

JC accentuated the Sofia Coppola’s movie Marie Antoinette in several of his emails (see emails), where the role of a beautiful strong Catholic woman, her desires and her husband in a child-looking body were only some details to be analyzed.

Long after her death, Marie Antoinette remains a major historical figure linked with conservatism, the Catholic Church, and fashion (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marie_Antoinette)

At that time, she did not make any connections of the movies selected in his emails, and his hate toward Catholicism, and she did not recognize his desire and intention of ‘beheading her’ just like Marie Antoinette was beheaded being the last Catholic queen of France.

Then JC mentioned Shutter Island comparing it with the Vancouver Island where she lived, while indirectly suggesting the role of the grandpa in the whole situation.

Then he included a dialog from Mulholland Drive suggesting the pace he was using in his plan (see emails);

Then The Dark Knight when she refused to go to Miami with him, suggesting a story about the Joker.

(The Joker indeed: A psychopathic illegalist mastermind portraying himself as an “agent of chaos” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dark_Knight_(film)).

Then in his email (copy & paste):

I recommend reading Virginie Despentes (I don’t know if she is translated in english). I recommend the novels (the first one “baise moi”, the last one “apocalypse bebe”, and maybe another one “bye bye blondie”) and an essay (king kong theory) …

– JC said in his email, suggesting prostitution and revenge, clearly seen in the order of the mentioned text (see email), as well as his threats. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virginie_Despentes),

Then, numerous hints, all through subject titles, poems, movies, songs (see emails):

JC wrote (copy & paste):

A bit sad that you consider me as a shark, while I only see myself as standing in the death row,

gasping for air.

……Too late, the out of time man is running after you….

….. Ubiquitous stories where the hero is you

Celebrating endlessly beauty, me and you


Being narcissistic, JC was perhaps comparing her appearance with his beauty (see email), while threatening her.

…and many other emails with similar messages.

  • Pattern recognition: Online manipulation of people through social media beyond TheDeafeningWhisper

Then, she found his email where he was comparing his initials to Jesus Christ referring to the idea of Double Jesus (see email) (the concept that can be easily related not just to his homosexuality but to the soul and state of ‘Solal’, see below, and to antichrist). I would not comment on the Urban Dictionary version of this term and its connections to dirty antichrist sexuality. The topic requires more research to conclude if JC once felt as Jesus, or perhaps hated him as an antichrist, or even loved him too much as a homosexual. This email was exchanged right after Munich (copy & paste):

his email:

or is it funny jesus ? or flubby Jesus ?

Jesus Crise Jesus Christ Jesus cries.

 have already discussed my initials ? double jesus.

yes ! everything makes sense. finally. the world found its order for perfect harmony.

this inclludes great sex for everyone.

with me.

take good care,



Sex for everyone, with him……he even enjoys being a porn actress in his own videos, that much he likes himself !!– it became clear to her.

She immediately googled ‘Double Jesus’ and found a blog website written by a French person where the readers were asked for their opinions about the concept of Double Jesus (see snapshot). This was another way of stealing the readers’ profiles. No doubt in her mind – that this was another on-line controlling tool of JC, a typical behavior of sociopaths – to control others.

The website ‘Double Jesus’ disappeared soon after she detected “TheDeafeningWhisper”, which was also completely modified within a month (see snapshots). Whether it still exists, she does not know.

  • Pattern recognition: Hints of the hidden punishment through charming threats

The JC’s systematic, yet charming-like, threatening hints in all his emails over a couple of years suggested his tremendous sociopathic passion and pleasure of using them. He considered them as his victory, at each step of the process. Every time when he felt rejected, his hints about the hidden “consequences” represented the triumph for his child-like body, just like masturbation, and the triumph for his sociopathic empty mind, providing him with the freedom through the “balance of the Universe” (see emails) and  pleasure of the “cursory life of cats” (see emails). The unique trait of sociopaths is their desire to make the damage to a person while watching her/him suffering (see websites). This explained his systematic and calm approach that lasted over some time. This was indeed what kept JC not to ‘fully surrender to the sociopathic anger’, as he said in his email (below). This was his mental food, which kept him going while fulfilling his, otherwise boring, life. Perhaps, the exactly this, what he was doing to her, kept controlling his explosive nature and his natural internal anger typical for sociopaths, which could otherwise push him to sexually dismember, mutilate or even kill his victims, as he explained in his whispering ‘TheDeafeningWhisper’ audio recording, and as he explicitly said in his last email (see below).

In his last emails sent to her after she confronted him, JC wrote (copy & paste):

pour chacune de nos actions, il n’y a que des consequences

Considering how 
each single word is important when writing aphorisms, doing it so
brilliantly in a non natural language is really impressive to me. For
this one, everything lies in the “que”.

I also like this one, by Cioran again: “une seule chose importe, 
abandonner tout espoir”

This may be why I did not explode when receiving your recent emails, why I did not surrender to anger.


I know you never wanted to have me.

….. in the worse case, you act simply in a manipulative way, trying to get something from me using our relation. in that case, the whole strategy makes perfect sense, no need to explain.


…… but you cannot really kill me, because I am already dead a long time ago.

….in september, you started
making fun of me with your games. making fun of me is different from
having fun with me. laughing at someone is not laughing with someone.


….of course. from two, the fool is not the one pretending fishes can fly to the moon the fool is the one trying to proove they do not.

In addition to his statements saying how he did not explode just because she already paid the consequences, in this email he also showed his sensitivity and insecurity when confronted and criticized for his crime, which is again typical for narcissistic sociopaths (see websites). He also showed contradictions in his expressions typical for sociopaths, accusing her for using him, while complaining how she never wanted him at the first place. In his email, he also added a million of things where he falsely claimed that he helped her (for instance to write a lousy reference letter (see letter), to vote for her to become a senior member although she never became one, his support to her to become the Educational Director, although she never became one, etc. etc. tones of lies, typical for sociopaths) (see email).

To make clear, she never asked JC for any favor, never, and she never discriminated him for his sexuality, physical appearance, ethnicity, or any other reasons, never. Yes, in one of her emails, she called him ‘pico-Jocelyn’ who tried to enter her mind and failed, suggesting that there was no such thing or person who could truly control her mind, it has never existed (see email). In another email she wrote:

It makes me puke when I hear sweet words from him (soooo not-smart to get the position, come on, be honest) and sweet words from HIM, how silly. I see the pattern with HIM, HIM, him, then the German him, then HIS student, etc, etc ..knowing who will be the next……shifting them to the top through awards and promotions in order one by one.


 So the summary: people that are falsely coming to the top, who are deciding about my potential promotions are people who dont like me because I am not connected to the mezzo club in a right way ………and, yet,  I don’t want to be part of the mezzo club – simply my choice not to.

(see emails)

All this was not her laugh at JC, these were her statements.

All requests related to IEEE went through other colleagues and members of the big IEEE family, even the thank notes for attending the AdCom meetings (see emails). (Of course, at that time she did not know that they were all connected in one big family). This was another pain for JC’s sociopathic personality – he didn’t feel needed. Not needed, rejected, and confronted at the end– this was exactly what he, as a sociopath, could not stand (see email), simply because all that put the ‘Universe out of balance’ in his ‘cursory life’, for which there is No Cure.

Overall, it seemed that she had two options: 1) to come to Grenoble and join whatever mezzo orgies JC kept organizing there; 2) or to be betrayed in front of the world.

Under the first option, she would probably become THE member of THE Club (see email) and JC would gain her full trust and, at the same time, he would have the full control of her through many different situations, perhaps the same situation that Yuliya or Bjorn (among others) experienced. Perhaps, those who went to Grenoble (even those with their lovely wives and children) for their sabbatical leaves, for instance, could say more about Grenoble.

So, she had to go under the second option. When classified as someone who rejected and diminished the glorious power of the self-centered/narcissistic sociopath, she had to be punished. This typical sociopathic behavior was emphasized in JC’s emails each time when she would reject any of his invitation for any reason, for instance, traveling somewhere else, or it was a short time to travel long distances, or she needed some time to confirm her schedule, or she wanted to get out of the relationship all together. JC simply made her felt ‘caged’, all the time (see email), what was opposite of her nature and her maturity.

For instance, she recognized his negativity and threats, wrapped in a charming pink cellophane, when she rejected his invitation to the IEEE AdCom meeting organized in Miami, and then when she rejected Grenoble two times, and then…..and then…. JC was always the one who ruled the invites, and who controlled and organized each and every meeting (see emails). Yet, at the end, JC blamed her of using him, hmmm (see email). Once again, this is a typical behavior of a sociopath to put the blame on others.

She wrote (for example) (see emails; copy & paste):

I must say that I have disappointed myself very much this morning with my decision that I probably will not make it to Miami; I know you will be disappointed as well. ….everything changes with this unexpected trip to Italy…. my schedule gets crazy…now I have a need to cry…….

I know you will say “Anita, it is all about priorities, you are the one who is choosing to be busy..” and you are right…..”Everything is between reality and fantasy” and you are right again…….


…….and then I gently made you to let me go…..and you did not want to do it.

Here, JC felt rejected, while losing control over her, and the desire for the revenge was amplified.

JC wrote, when she rejected Grenoble second time (some examples, copy & paste):

Simic is almost an anagram for Music.

there is only one “I” too many, and one “YOU” too few !

and yes, your music keeps on whispering in my head.

bing bing bang like a boomerang


well, according to the French culture, the order is definitely as I told

but I am open minded to variations.


You can run, you can hide

but no worries, I will find you


damned… – in the coming weeks to confirm everything.


I promise to buy you a turistic guide book of Lyon, because I fear you may have a very partial view of the city otherwise.

…and not to forget the complete subway netwrok, as seen from hell… he he heee



….hard to compete with tapas y cervezas in Valencia ! no worries and no hard feelings.


Much more shared

….you know I am a lillte bit of the fetisch kind.

sure, I’ll drive you crazy.

hang on and be tough.

don’t let it go.


……Too late, the out of time man is running after you….

….. Ubiquitous stories where the hero is you

Celebrating endlessly beauty, me and you


Munich is at the corner of the week.

And I know there are people there doing very very very high resolution remote sensing.

so you will be under very very very high monitoring.

(see emails)

….and many other emails. The sociopathic patters were obvious.

CHAPTER 3 – PATTERN RECOGNITION of fooling the whole world and YOU too

After the emails about his Jesus Christ-like initials, she continued exploring his last name using both the hints in his emails and research literature on sociopaths/psychopaths. First, she recalled the sentence from the Dr. Hare’s work and captured the word ‘Cat’: Psychopath – They are “masters” at deception. It’s like a wild large cat looking like an average house cat except a lot larger (https://datingasociopath.com/sociopath-character-traits/character-traits-of-a-sociopath-by-r-hare/ ). She also captured the keyword ‘Cat’ in all other articles related to sociopaths/psychopaths (see Appendix). Then, she recalled the JC’s comment from Iceland about the ‘good relationship between him and cats’ and then she searched through emails. Numerous emails were related to cats. For example, after she rejected JC’s invitation to go to Miami to IEEE AdCom meeting with him, he wrote (copy & paste):


I don’t whisper your name.
I shoutit loud.

cat cat cat.

cat’s are grey.
so pathetically goth, this little video (my hero Robert does not have anything to do with it, thanks God).
but I like this tune very much.
it was in “Marie Antoinette” from Sophia Coppola.
last scene when queen and king leave Versailles. Beautiful views of the sun in the trees.
movie ends.
next thing that happens in reality is be-heading.

next song in the album is “funeral party”.

but the album is called “faith”.

never loose faith.

very strange things happened recently.

(See emails)

Then another search, another email (copy & paste):

funny this morning I met a black cat. beautiful one. he came to me. told 
you about this connection, right ?
you called silly.
did you know that my name can be decomposed into Cha(t) – nu – (s)sot
could be translated as silly naked cat.


She finally decoded his last name being:

Silly for Charm; Naked for Promiscuity/Prostitution; Cat for Sociopath/Psychopath.

Who is Jocelyn Chanussot, after all? Is this his real last name? What about his feminine first name, Jocelyn?

Who is IEEE Editor-in-Chief and IEEE Vice-president? Who is the professor and electrical engineer from the Grenoble Institute of Technology in Grenoble, France?

In 2013, when she went public about all this, she was not aware of any other person on the Internet with the same last name, Cha(t) – nu – (s)sot. However, in the meantime someone created several ancestry-related web sites, someone created several .doc/pdf files where the surname was used as a co-author, etc. – OVERALL, several pages that JC could have created by himself and perhaps, there are some recent family members. Almost all websites with this last name are related to JC, leaving us with the question: Is there any other real person named Cha(t) – nu – (s)sot, who started existing prior to 2013, with established surname background and website?

I used to enjoy enjoying time for itself, doing nothing but observing the world.  –  she recalled JC’s sentence.

The whole concept around the JC’s emails could be a great topic for a master thesis “Jocelyn Chanussot: How to detect a psychopath through emails” (https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/290779), as it is still a relatively unexplored field. I will make all emails publicly available for the research.

But, let’s take the concept to the PhD level.



She started compiling all information she collected in Munich, IGARSS 2012-the last IGARSS conference she ever attended, where she expected retaliation from JC. She recalled the astonishing dance of the IEEE and ESA researcher dancers; the wrong ESA guy with blue eyes purposely seated next to her during the social dinner, JC’s comment in front of Michal and Simon; JC’s face while both pretending they did not see each other after the dance; Chris and his dance, Fabio and the young girl, etc. …..She recalled each and every detail. The Devil is always in the details! – she learned.

……and then she stopped on ‘Solal’, another keyword.

Why did you give the name Solal to your son? – she asked JC after they finally met at the conference and took the metro together, in Munich.

Solal was a man who was, in one book, hmmm ……oh, I don’t want to tell you – he suddenly stopped.

It didn’t take her long to find the information about Solal, the main character of several books written by Albert Cohen; a Jewish writer.

It didn’t take her long to learned that JC was living the life of Solal.

She read the literature reviews, she bought the book, she read the Internet comments, she contacted the US professor of French Literature – ALL to find out who JC/Solal was, to find out the reason why JC/Solal hurt her, and to find out what triggered the psychopath’s mind and his dark behavior. She read the reviews:  (https://www.academia.edu/32136911/Grandeur_renunciation_and_self-destruction_in_Albert_Cohen_s_Solal):

“Solal is Joseph, who uses his intelligence to become a leader among the gentiles …He gets into a romantic situation with the wife of powerful gentile ….uses his charisma and status to help his (Jewish) people, having to constantly maintain a double identity of inside and outside.

Solal is undoubtedly Don Juan with all attributes: inconstancy, curiosity, audacity, selfishness, cruelty, duplicity, an appetite for the new, for adventure. Obsessed with conquest in sex and love………

At the very end of the novel Solal is Jesus, despised by his fellow man, going to his ritual death and rebirth. …..fusion of figure of Jesus with that of the messiah in Solal…..

Solal is also a Faustian character – selling his principles to acquire influence and women, carrying mostly for himself. ….after lost everything – his money, his position, his love – alone, in the guise of a tormented Jesus, King of the Jews, he is about to walk to his death. ….”

…the reader follows the intrigues of someone “larger than life’, a hero who is half god….the image of the Jew – from a stereotype weakness and ugliness to its opposite, of beauty and power. …

… an obsession traversing the notion of Jewish genius and socially sanctioned roles constituting proof of greatness, through erotic conquest, and the feeling that “everything is possible,” grandiose ambitions, to the struggle with God himself.

He has love affairs with several (Christian) women….and he is promoted in a meteoric rise to personal secretary of a senator …..finally becoming a minister in the French government. …rise to power as crucial points. ..his talent to succeed at everything and charms know no bound…..social climbing…has a heroic epiphany at sixteen …pursuit of power, hidden power relations within love, his messianic-Jesus appearance where Solal sees himself as “le roi des Juifs…”……in retaliation to the European gentile world….

His excessiveness is sometimes empty – rhetorical gestured by Solal, meant to parody, insult, or avoid embarrassment…..becomes a mode of self-representation…becomes a narcissistic self-image….recognizing his lowliness as a Jew, a non-aristocrat in western term…uncontrolled element of self-destruction….does not work with any framework …change his opinion very easy.  

He was only thirteen when he begins the seduction of the French consul’s wife……. Enjoys his natural gift of beauty that makes women surrender to him …later by seducing his daughter…….

..then comes the final trial, the descent into darkness (his loneliness and aimless wandering in Paris) and emergence as the savior of his people.

Solal himself, is a compulsive liar. He changes his opinion from one pole to another within seconds and invents stories about events that never happened. Does Solal employ lies and pretend to be a madman, or is he a chronic liar and truly mad.

Solal’s journey has several aspects. It is a movement up the social ladder, a geographic voyage and an entry to the world of adults…..he is, in advance, detached from the object of his desire – whether a woman, or any other object. ….through the devil;s intervention, falls into the concrete – this or that love. …fanatic need of seduction.



Then, she put Solal on hold for a couple of weeks while quitting her contract job at UVIC immediately after JC and the grandpa managed to reach the Dean at UVIC causing the cancellation of the tenure-track hiring process organized for her. She left Victoria, and she left the untranslated book Solal in Victoria, feeling she was leaving the Devil behind.

January 2013, she was back to Toronto. For next 7 months she completely emerged herself in the process of learning about sociopaths/psychopaths from research literature and Dr. Hare (http://discovermagazine.com/2016/june/12-psychopath-and-the-hare), about Solal, about Christianity, and about (bi)homosexuality, Shakespeare, the US Air Force and Maybe-Dr. Amer Smailbegovic, etc.

The constant reading and steep learning curve helped her to suppress her pain.

Lectio Omnia Vincit! – she thought

She was looking for the ANSWER, and she did not want to give up. Instead of quitting, she pushed forward with some incredible energy and strength that could be only God-given, whoever the God was. She insisted on continuing working with IEEE although ‘they all knew that she knew that they knew’. She immediately submitted a paper to the IEEE JSTARS journals for the first time to see the outcome. She went, uninvited this time, to the AdCom meeting in Los Angeles, to read the faces. She offered her Canadian female colleagues to organize the summer school for IGARSS 2014 to learn about the Canadian involvement, she co-chaired the IEEE-sponsored conference in Croatia to learn about the connection between IEEE and Croatian communists. Then, she collected the validation information from Maybe-Dr. Amer Smailbegovic, the Agent, who confirmed everything.

In parallel, she managed to find a job, and in the fall 2013 she started writing her blog SilentScience.


*** The Solal pattern recognition continued when she returned to Toronto:

  • She read:

Solal, a Greek Jew who moves to Europe, seduces/marries a Gentile woman, achieves great success but find himself caught between the irreconcilable worlds of his Jewish relatives and the Europe to which he so desperately wants to belong, and is ultimately destroyed/self-destructs.

On a metaphoric level, Abecassis posits, Ariane represents Europe, as do all of Solal’s female characters. Solal’s passionate love for women who ultimately reject and destroy him functions as a metaphor for the Jew’s impossible love of a rejecting, sadistic Europe. While Cohen remained cagey about his intended message at the end of Belle du Seigneur, when Solal and Adrienne commit suicide together, Abecassis sees the last paragraph of the novel as clearly indicative of the importance of the submerged Josephic and messianic plots, as Solal carries the dying Adrienne into the cellar where the dwarf Rachel is awaiting him, placing the corpse of his narcissistic female double in the cellar before proceeding to his own death. Importantly, Abecasiss notes, in his final fantasy, Solal imagines not that he has committed suicide, but rather that he is a failed Messiah, who is crucified because of his failure to save European Jews from destruction (http://www.cercles.com/review/r29/abecassis.html).

  • She read:

“He could only express himself brilliantly under the impulse of passion. Here Solal is perverse on all accounts. Perverse when he humiliates his farther, his wife. Narcissism exacts its toll. Solal revealed in the unconscious treasons of which he accused her (see the last JC’s email).

Furthermore, Solal’s metaphysical rants contain strong misogynistic over-tones, stemming from both the Don Juan and the Jeremiah dimensions, and I suspect these also play a large part in the institutional reticence about Albert Cohen  (https://books.google.ca/books?id=9BP1nbGlUn8C&pg=PA72&lpg=PA72&dq=Solal+after+Solal+description+albert+cohen&source=bl&ots=HshfUHWTdU&sig=ACfU3U33931-Vs4aUgaq8la9DJGYIel2xQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwio0qSUiMDjAhVFdt8KHZZ_A844ChDoATALegQIDhAD#v=onepage&q=Solal%20after%20Solal%20description%20albert%20cohen&f=false)

  • She contacted the US professor of French Literature:


….it’s a very strange seduction scene because he disguises himself as an ugly old man, breaks into her room, and waits for her to return. His intention is to seduce her as an ugly man, through his love alone… he doesn’t want her to love him because he’s gorgeous, but because of the purity of his love for her. He is searching for a love that is pure and good, not tied to physical appearance. Of course, she rejects him as an ugly man, so he unveils himself in all his glory and proclaims that he will seduce her “bassement, en femelle” (‘in a base manner, as a female animal”). He proceeds to do so, and eventually succeeds……


…..For some reason, I thought all the time that Solal was a bit sociopathic, and hurt her in some way, as he was not felt loved in the way he expected…..this summer, I will spent  my free time reading the book. I hope the book will make sense even if I don’t read the first book Solal…..hopefully they are not directly connected?


I think that the things you describe are more true of the novel Solal than Belle du Seigneur. 

The 2 novels are connected by the character of Solal, and by many of his relatives from Corfou, who appear in both novels. Other than that, they are quite disconnected.



While discovering the similarity between Solal and JC, she first concentrated on JC’s / Solal’s sociopathic characteristics and profile. Although she was aware of JC’s Jewish background, as he was sending her quite explicit hints, for long time she failed to relate his actions to his religion/ethnicity background.

It was not before she visited a Jewish lawyer Israel Balter from Levitt LLP Employment and Labor Law, in May 2013 in Toronto (see email); not even his name or his Jewish cap triggered her thinking. However, his behavior and his advice gave her the idea that IEEE was a Jewish organization. It is your fault; you should go home and continue living your life like nothing happened – the lawyer with the Jewish cap said to her when he saw the grandpa’s name and the names of other IEEE leaders on the list, which she brought with her. She cried for the first time, promised to him that she would not give up and that she would find THE ANSWER, then she paid $550 for his f*** advice and left.

Within a couple of hours she recognized one more pattern: The lawyer’s Jewish cap, his advice, JC’s background and his information about the Jewish children soccer game (with other IEEE members), behavior of the IEEE leaders, and the story about SOLAL – she got the idea. She decided to google the last names of the IEEE leaders and it did not take long to learn about their ethnicity/religion background.

Within a couple of hours, she sent a letter to Melba Crawford, explaining that her grandfather was a prisoner of a German camp along with Jews, and that she was wrongfully selected and did not deserve to be punished by Jewish IEEE (see letter).


Soon after, during a teleconference, the IGARSS 2014 organizing committee in Quebec City decided:

All churches should be excluded from the IGARSS website!

Suddenly, she stopped feeling like a seagull flying over rotten rats deciding which one to eat first.




Jocelyn Chanussot, IEEE – A vicious serial sexual predator and dangerous psychopath who is stealing your privacy at IEEE conferences

Cha(t) – nu – (s)sot = Silly naked cat

Being a high functioning psychopath and narcissistic feminine homosexual, Jocelyn Chanussot has a problem fitting into ‘normal’ society. After doing nothing and just watching the world, the Albert Cohen’s character Solal inspires him to ‘die’ and then ‘resurrect’ as Double Jesus, Cha(t) – nu – (s)sot, or reborn Solal, when he becomes the master of his own antichrist crime in order to be accepted by the society. Like Solal, his desire to professionally succeed, Jocelyn expresses through his, believed to be true, Jewish ethnicity. He gets his PhD in engineering, what allows him to enter the professional discipline where homosexuals are common, and women scarce. Joining IEEE, where his almost Shakespearian homosexuality is equally cherished as his ethnic belongness, he uses his strong sociopathic / psychopathic skills in his “movement up the social ladder, a geographic voyage and an entry to the world of gentile men to save his (IEEE Jewish) people through the rabbit-who-feeds-dogs-to-dogs approach. By sacrificing Gentile/Christian women sexually and professionally to old men, vastly to Gentile/Christian men themselves, he becomes highly accepted and respected by the society.

While he sees Gentile/Christian women as sadistic Europe and female animals, his sinister strategy of disgracing them involves two main directions: 1) one where real prostitutes become involved, being presented as students or post-doctorates, and then being sexually ‘shared’ among male researchers; and 2) the other where true female researchers are sexually disgraced by fabricating their privacy, leaving them with no chance to become professionally successful. This tactic, cleverly developed to the finest details, satisfies not just IEEE but it also attracts numerous IEEE exhibitors, professors and researchers worldwide. Above all, the sexual machinery, which Jocelyn Chanussot develops, feeds his sociopathic / psychopathic nature suppressing his constant internal anger and thirst to hurt or even to kill. Taking control of people’s lives, what he founds to be the answer to his ‘cat-like cursory’ life, provides him with the ‘balance of the Universe’, where he enjoys the multi-layered pleasure  through:  1) his promiscuous nature where he enjoys young men while homosexualising them and providing them with co-authorship and research awards, in return; 2) his hatred of women / misogynism while punishing them for being ‘female animals’ who love men just to satisfy their sexual needs; 3) his insecurity because of his child-like physical appearance and fear of becoming an old ‘sexually-useless’ man unattractive to other homosexuals; 4) his sociopathic fetishism and pleasure of either controlling, or hurting men and women who he cannot control, which is seen as his turning-on sexual tool; 5) his desire to punish Christian/Gentile women and men for the past, as (Eastern) Europeans were known for their rejection of non-Christians and homosexuals; 6) his sickly self-centered/narcissistic desire to attract and seek constant attention of other men; 7) his desire to involve Gentile/Christian men in his sexual machinery while controlling them and consequently making them less powerful; 8) his help to his own Jewish people in IEEE to become the biggest engineering society in the world by involving the whole network from the hell, as Jocelyn Chanussot postulates, and people from NASA, ESA, DLR, ISPRS, US Air Force, industry and academia in his sexual machinery, while enhancing the IEEE’s influence over Europe despite their US origin. This leads, in his view, to the disintegration of sadistic European science and, at the same time, to the highest impact factors of IEEE journals.

Like Solal, Jocelyn dares to develop a flirting sexual relationship with a mature Christian woman. He doesn’t just want her to love him because he’s gorgeous, as he strongly believes, but because he wants to feel his sociopathic power over her, seeing her as sadistic Europe. This coincides with Albert Cohen’s Solal, but Jocelyn takes a step further – He sees her as his narcissistic female in her full capacity of being a female animal and he wants to see her death before proceeding to his own death. It stays unclear, however, if he feels her death as a deed of liberation from the feminine side of his homosexuality, or as the liberation from a beauty competitive to his own narcissistic feminine goddess of Ishtar/Astarte. The turning point or climax happens when the woman, although hurt by Jocelyn’s disgracing sexual games, does not want to give-up her professional accomplishments gained alongside her motherhood of two adult children, and she fights back. Being rejected, Jocelyn losses his capability of controlling his narcissistic self-centered nature and faces another challenge of his ‘cursory life’. Differently from Solal, who failed to protect his Jewish people from the totalitarian fascism, Jocelyn saves his Jewish and homosexual IEEE people through the totalitarian communism.  In return, the IEEE society applauds his criminal charges and tries to save Jocelyn from his own suicide.

In parallel to the political and sexual scenes, a beautiful orange cat named Serge, given to the woman as a gift just before she started her relationship with Jocelyn, becomes part of her life. However, in less than two years Serge accidentally kills himself by jumping from a high-level balcony. This event, given it happens just before the woman confronts Jocelyn and reveals his crime, triggers the bitter sensation about the real ending of his ‘cursory’ life.   


After she went public about the whole case in spring 2013, as the Radio-IEEE reported, JC made some immediate changes before the IGARSS 2013 in Australia: cut his long feminine hair, became more serious, deepened his voice like in The Wolf and The Seven Little Goats story to distance himself from TheDeafeningWhisper, became pregnant, perhaps got married, reduced his visibility with IEEE just for some time, gave-up his IEEE JSTARS Editor-in-Chief position, and joined the Cyprus Remote Sensing conferences (RSCy) – all this while reorganizing for his next role of SOLAL-after-SOLAL.

After she went public about the whole case in spring 2013, she kept receiving numerous disgracing and dark market anonymous emails received from ieee.org email addresses, from nearby universities and others. In the emails, she was constantly informed about her whereabouts, field trips, or about what she was publicly saying at her work that week, what supposed to increase her fear to be hurt or even killed (see emails). She was teased at several workshops, and her job position was interrupted at several levels and occasions. She kept calm while collecting all the information over the years to be able to complete her book, and she managed to keep her job.  Recently, she has been trying to find the connection between JC, his friends and co-authors with the concepts such as Ishtar/Astarte, the protectress of prostitutes and the patroness of the alehouse (web site), masonry, Marianne, Antichrist, Communism, a five-point star, Lucifer, Liberty, the Pope, and William-Adolphe Bouguereau.

…..and she never asked her God to punish Jocelyn Chanussot and the network from the hell.  Sick people are already punished, and one must pray for them.



Robert D. Hare, C.M. is a researcher in the field of criminal psychology. He developed the Hare Psychopathy Checklist, used to assess cases of psychopathy


“The checklist’s 20 items include glibness/superficial charm, grandiose sense of self-worth, need for stimulation, proneness to boredom, pathological lying, conning / manipulation, lack of remorse / guilt, shallow affect, callousness/lack of empathy, parasitic lifestyle, promiscuous sexual behavior, early behavior problems, lack of realistic, long-term goals, impulsivity, failure to accept responsibility, many short-term marital relationship, juvenile delinquency and criminal versatility”. 

“Psychopaths are capable of the most heinous crimes, yet they’re often so charming and manipulative that they can hide behind a well-cultivated mask of normalcy for years and perhaps their entire lives……. Finding that up to 4 percent of corporate staffers are psychopaths. ……..The term was coined in the mid- to late 1800s from its Greek roots psykhe and pathos, meaning “sick mind” or “suffering soul.” …….. they were diagnostically sane, displaying “a perfect mask of genuine sanity, a flawless surface indicative in every respect of robust mental health.” By the late ’60s, the bible of psychiatry, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM), had replaced “psychopathic personality” with “antisocial personality disorder,” which still didn’t include hallmark psychopathic traits such as lack of empathy and callousness. This DSM classification endures today, yet while most psychopaths are diagnostically antisocial, the majority of people with antisocial personality disorder are not psychopaths……. I think that brain scans will one day be routinely used to categorize psychopaths and become standard fare in court trials. They’ll be just as revolutionary as the use of DNA evidence………. But we know psychopaths’ relationships are impersonal, that they favor the strategy of having a lot of children, and then abandoning them…….. “My view is that psychopaths have the intellectual capacity to know the rules of society and the difference between right and wrong — and they choose which rules to follow or ignore,” says Hare. “They might even consider themselves more rational than other people. A psychopath I met in my research once told me that using his head instead of his heart gave him an advantage. He saw himself as ‘a cat in a world of mice.’ ”

He was extremely predatory, looked at me like I was food,” recalls Hare. “With his eyes, he nailed me to the wall.” – Dr. Hare said.

You may also read:


by Joe Navarro is a former FBI Counterintelligence Agent and is the author of What Every Body is Saying.

How narcissists view themselves:
1. I love myself and I know you do, too. In fact, everyone does — I can’t imagine anyone that doesn’t.
6. I hope you appreciate all that I am and everything that I have achieved for you — because I am wonderful and faultless.
9. I expect you to be loyal to me at all times, no matter what I do; however, don’t expect me to be loyal to you in any way.
10. I will criticize you, and I expect you to accept it, but if you criticize me, especially in public, I will come at you with rage. One more thing: I will never forget or forgive. I will pay you back one way or another — because I am a “wound collector.”
13. I expect gratitude at all times, for even the smallest things I do. As for you, I expect you to do as I demand.
14. I only associate with the best people, and frankly, most of your friends don’t measure up.
15. If you would just do what I say and obey, things would be better.

How the Predator Thinks:
1. I could care less about human rights — what about my rights? I have to take care of me first.
2. Laws and rules are meant to be broken. There is always a shortcut — there is always a way around the rules.
4. Women deserve to be treated the way they are — look how they dress and lead us on. You think they don’t know what they are doing to us?
6. So what if I lie, what’s the harm? Everyone lies. In any case, I needed to.
7. Law and rules are meant to be broken — they are stupid rules, anyway.The trick is to not get caught.
8. It’s not my concern if someone suffers. They shouldn’t have been there — it was their bad luck. Accidents happen all the time; this was no different.
12. She begged for her life, but at that moment, it didn’t mean anything — I had control over her, and it felt good.
13. She kept saying no, but I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want to stop.
14. She kept arguing with me, so I punched her, and that stopped her complaining. What’s the big deal? She asked for it. She knew better than to push me.

POST #10 – Posted on Oct 8 2020

The Istanbul Convention: How (not) to prevent and combat violence against women and domestic violence

Being almost my twin, she insisted on me writing her life story. She was inspired with my experience of using pattern recognition to profile Jocelyn Chanussot as a dangerous narcissistic sexual predator, and to discover the criminal network within and around IEEE. “Many women and men are in the same situation and yet they will never find out…”, she kept saying. She helped me to understand the situation with IEEE in many instances while I helped her to see her life in a different light. After all, she became a better student of Dr. Robert D. Hare than me and, at the end, she managed to reconstruct her own life. This was her story (I used He/Him when I referred to her husband):

Physical abuse:

“No, no, how could you, stop, noooo!”, she tried to scream, while the air sacks of her lungs were becoming exhausted under the pressure of his heavy masculine body while sitting on her stomach. Any effort to make an additional sound left her hopeless. Her arms were pressed by his knees and all she saw were his strong hands coming down toward her face with the power she never felt before. She was 21 years old and mother of her 8-month old baby, a beautiful blond baby she loved more than her life. She loved her baby more than her life, ah, I just said it.

This was second time someone hit her in her life. First time a drunk young local man randomly approached her on the street in her hometown and slapped her because “she did not want to date him”. She managed to escape, and she decided to stay silent and to keep the incident to herself. At that time, she was a teenager, and the guy was a random drunk young man. But this time, the man sitting on her stomach was her husband and father of their 8-month old baby. It was a different story.

“Please go back…!”, her parents were trying to persuade her to take her baby and return to him. “Maybe he will change; maybe that was a one-time incident; it’s a shame to be divorced with a child, what would people say; you have no job, no future”, her old-fashioned parents were insisting. And, she went back.  But he did not change. He was sickly jealous and possessive for no reason. “Wasn’t that a typical characteristic of a psychopath/narcissist?” – she asked herself almost 30 years later.  

Second time she managed to scream so loudly that the landlord, who lived in a nearby house, interrupted the scene by knocking on the door and asking if everything was fine. Soon after they were asked to leave the place, and they moved to a new property.

Third time she managed to open a window as soon as he started moving towards her. He immediately stopped in fear that she might start screaming again and that the new neighbors could hear her. This time, she escaped without any bruises and without being embarrassed in front of others.

It did not take her long to realize that he kept accusing and abusing her while he was the one who behaved improperly outside their marriage doing at least things such as: late visits to female colleagues while their husbands were working night shifts; getting into a fight with a photographer who wanted to take a picture of a singer during her public concert, a singer who he adored and with whom he was exchanging secrete notes; dancing  inappropriately with any woman who would accept his sexual flame; flirting with any ‘good-looking’ woman as soon as he would see her, regardless if she, his wife, was around or not; and many other situations. “Wasn’t that a typical characteristic of a psychopath/narcissist, to blame other people for something he was doing?” – she asked herself almost 30 years later.

The idea of revenge in her mind was short-lived as she tried to switch her mind to positive things. She tried to concentrate on finishing her university degree. And yes, she was progressing but slowly: step by step, exam by exam, before pregnancy, during pregnancy, while breastfeeding. Soon after she lost the learning momentum, and she was not able to bring it back. Moving from then-Yugoslavia to Canada was her last hope to rebuild her life in many instances. She wanted to give the last chance to their marriage by being far from the influence of his unfriendly parents and his low-quality female friends. She hoped that, by being emerged in hard work, they would have to rely on each other. And they moved to Canada.

She left behind the bitter taste of her previous life, but she never forgot the feeling. As soon as they landed on Canadian soil, she was explicit in her request: “Any abuse or any attempt to abuse me, I will call 911, I swear to God”. He knew she was not joking, he knew it, and finally the message reached his thick mind. She also promised herself to never ever again waste her nerves on negative things, on his parents or on him, and to provide her children with the right to grow up in a healthy environment. She decided to live in a bubble of happiness, while taking care of herself and her family, and while, without questioning, overcoming any negative situation, with small deviations here and there.

Packages of enormous love:

“There are only several critical moments that shape up your whole life” – the old saying says.

Yes, moving from then-Yugoslavia to Canada was her last hope to rebuild her life. Moving to Canada was also her only hope to complete her university degree, to provide her children with high education, and to regain the educational and financial status taken from her parents and grandparents by the Communist regime in then-Yugoslavia.

Smell of the regional war was in the air in then-Yugoslavia, soon-to-become Croatia. They were young and no jobs were smiling at them in the economically ruined communist country. All she wanted was to be on that plane, that day, long time ago, in late 80’s. But all he wanted was to stay. Long conversations, sponsorship, dozens of forms, visits to the Canadian Embassy – everything was in place, or almost. They were just one health-exam far from that plane when she learned that she got pregnant.  No time for any delays and no time for a new application process; the smell of the war was in the air. But all he wanted was to stay.

At that time, memories about her first pregnancy were still fresh. She still remembered her tears, and long days and nights being alone in her decision. She still remembered when he brought her a medical identity card of his ‘low-quality’ female friend whose record of having one more or one less abortion would not change who his friend was.  She still remembered her desire to complete university, her love for her unborn child, and her desire to escape and not to show up at the wedding. She still remembered how she felt trapped by him and disgraced by his unfriendly parents, and how her free mind simply did not want to be caged. She still remembered how one day her doctor showed her his masculine palm widely open while saying: “Your child is this big at this stage”, and, she remembered how she changed her mind. She kept that first small package of enormous love in her body, a small package that changed her whole life.

But this time, it was different; the smell of the war was in the air, and moving to Canada was her only hope.  And then, she made the decision and visited her mother’s cousin, a doctor who could help. One local gynecologist, one local nurse, one local anesthesia and her, with and without that small package of enormous love. No support: she received no flower, no kiss, just anger because ‘all he wanted was to stay’. She did not recognize the coincidence of getting pregnant at that time. “It would be a boy”, she felt. “How would he look? Would he love me? Would he like my book selection or a video showing how to catch an octopus?” – she kept asking herself day after day, year after year. And no, she was not thinking about the child’s rights at that time.

The plane finally took off and they made it. All negative experience of newcomers she turned into positive energy momentum with lots of fun, joy and success. Within a year there was another delivery, another enormous love of her life, and another tattoo with the baby’s name on her breast. Several years of hard work and integration into the new society passed before she felt ready to continue her university education and to realize her dream. With a lot of hard work and dedication, she learned the new language and course material at the same time, and she passed her first year with high scores. Finally, she managed to regain the learning momentum and she started enjoying her life.

At the beginning, he sounded like being incredibly supportive of her educational success; he kept repeating in front of the family and friends “Sure, education is critical for women”. But then, she was just about to start her second year when she learned that she got pregnant. Once again, a broken dream. Once again, she did not recognize the coincidence of getting pregnant at that time. She had to decide, the child or her education. She knew if the learning momentum got interrupted once again, she would never be able to catch up. Simply, there was no time left.

And she made the decision. This time it was physically easier but emotionally equally painful. One doctor visit, one full anesthesia, and one bad dream. “It would be a boy”, she felt. “How would he look? Would he love me? Would he like my book selection or a video showing how to catch an octopus?” – she kept asking herself day after day, year after year. And no, she was not thinking about the child’s rights at that time.

Four pregnancies, four packages of enormous love and four games of the Russian roulette. It was too much for her, and she decided to be explicit in her request: “You make me pregnant once again, we are done”. He knew she was not joking, he knew it, and finally the message reached his thick mind. She left behind the bitter taste of her previous life, but she never forgot the feeling. “Wasn’t that a typical characteristic of a psychopath/narcissist, to make tremendous damage to lives of others with no cost considered?” – she asked herself almost 30 years later.

Once she compared her pregnancies with the extremely rapid water tubing, he arranged for her a decade later. “There was a chance I could be fine, but there was also a chance I could get injured”- she said. Luckily, she managed to get rid of her neck pain two years later, but she never forgot the feeling. “My biggest mistake was that I was never able to tame you” – he said once, like she was an animal.

Coming out of her bubble:

Once again, she got up and continued with her positive energy. She worked and educated herself at the same time, and the life went on. But after a while, he reached the point where he could not handle her educational success any longer. While he still kept saying in front of the family and friends “Sure, education is critical for women”, he started with his episodes of belittling her by doing at least things such as talking to her colleagues about his desire for other women; going to church with other women instead of his family; flirting with her boss’ wife during a party; dancing his ‘old style’ inappropriate dances with other women,  etc. “Your husband had a crush on my wife that night” – her boss said to her years later, like she did not recognize the situation.

At the same time, he started portraying himself as a victim, who was just working and taking children to swimming lessons twice a week,  apparently not being able to take even a single evening course to add to his high school diploma. Instead, after more than fifteen years of living in Canada, he falsified his university diploma.  Finally, he got his first manager job. “Do you need to take any course to become a manager?” – a senior family member asked him ironically as he was not capable of keeping any of his jobs for longer than one year. Was he too bossy, disrespectful of his coworkers? Did he blame others while not being capable of leading projects? “Wasn’t that a typical characteristic of a psychopath/narcissist, to make false accusations and to belittle other people, his wife and colleagues, to hide his indecency and incapability to do hard work?” – she asked herself almost 30 years later.

However, repetitive recommendation letters from his former, highly positioned, female manager, Heather Campbell helped him to win each new position over and over again. Heather rehired him as soon as she heard about his divorce process, and he stayed with her until they both lost their positions. The reason why Heather was helping him all the time, while she herself was changing jobs like a bee flowers, was never clear to her, or, it was. “It does not matter how hard a psychopath/narcissist hits a wall, he will get up and continue with his deceptive life, like nothing happened” – she concluded almost 30 years later.

Using his charm to gain attention and get help from prominent, highly positioned women was nothing new in his life. Either his English teacher, when he was young, or a prominent female friend, when he grew up – the affinity was always present.  One of his ‘ladies’ was also Ljiljana Vinkovic, a Croatian diplomat transferred from the US to Canada, just on time to help break up his marriage after two of them developed an intimate relationship. Apparently, how he claimed, the Croatian Consulate refused to set up the diplomat’s home computer, and then the diplomat asked him to meet her, help her, and visit her on several occasions, week after week. The last that was trackable was their rendezvous just two hours before she, his wife, celebrated her PhD degree. Perhaps, instead of buying her a flower, he needed to boost his ego to be able to put his “Sure, education is critical for women” face on in front of the friends at the party.  Interestingly, the diplomat, who became a TV show host for retired people soon after, belonged to the HDZ (Croatian Democratic Union) leading government party, known for its most corruptive actions in the recent history of Croatia. Politics through hidden communism, job positions, success, sex, money – all this is so much related but let’s leave this topic for later.

So, the moment of leaving her bubble of happiness arrived with the arrival of the diplomat. For the last time, she let him to hurt her, once again, but this time it was different; she felt the end. She did not feel smarter because of her PhD degree but her degree gave her the final mental strength to say that classical sentence: ‘It is enough!” She did not hesitate, not for a minute; she used her research skills and some auxiliary data from the Croatian Consulate to collect all the information and to prove the case. It did not take her long before she mapped all his ‘visiting-the-diplomat’ movements. She travelled to Zagreb and reported the diplomat to the Ministry of Croatia to prevent similar situations from happening in the future, and she filed for divorce.

During her research she discovered many other irregularities her husband was doing behind her back. For instance, she observed how he was booking hotel rooms from time to time. There was a noticeably short period of time when a hotel would apply its security deposit-charges as ‘pending’ to his credit card; the charges would disappear immediately after the room was paid by cash at the check-out. She remembered that the last hotel she traced was the Radisson hotel, located at that time near the International Airport where he held one of those no-longer-than-one-year jobs. When she discovered the drill, she was impressed with his planning skills: He would book a hotel room during the day / afternoon, then he would come home late at night as he was very ‘busy at work’, then he would leave very early the next morning like he had to be ‘early at work’ and then he would check-out in late morning, being late at his work, commonly arriving around 11-ish. Amazing! “Wasn’t that promiscuity and lying typical for a psychopath/narcissist?” – she asked herself almost 30 years later.

During her research, her lawyer also learned that he secretly started working for Heather Campbell, while, in front of the Canadian Court,  he attempted to falsely claim his unemployment.

During her research, she also found out how he continued playing a victim throughout the divorce process. He was doing that for two reasons, to turn everybody against her, including her own children and friends, and to gain new friendships with women. And indeed, most of them thought she was the one to blame, as he cried; and he was always good in crying. “Wasn’t that a typical characteristic of a psychopath/narcissist, to have many masks and to tell lies to everybody making a falsely positive perception of himself as a victim?” – she asked herself almost 30 years later.

During her research, the last thing she discovered was through a little bit of game from her side. During her data collection, she had an opportunity to learn that he contacted Mira, a woman who was looking for a potential partner while advertising her desire through one of the Croatian travel agencies located in Canada. However, it seemed that Mira never answered until she did, using a slightly modified Mira’s email address. She wanted to understand his desire to connect with other women all those years, and to learn what was out there that attracted him. After a couple of weeks of their communication, two ‘female’ characteristics, which she, his wife, did not have, shared the award: one, being blond, and another, knowing how to cook. Amazing! Within those couple of weeks of their communication, she learned a bit more about him, or not really, simply because it was not important any longer. She set up their “first” rendezvous just before her flight to South Italy, where she went for a short vacation while he was served with the divorce papers. Within a couple of months she signed the statement that she would never ask for the allowance, not even in the case of terminal illness, as per his special request; she took everything what belonged to her, and the whole her life she spent with him became history soon after. The Pink Panther, he stole from her, was recaptured. This was the end of her story.


Recently, in some Croatian newspapers, I saw an article about her husband and how he moved back to Croatia. He got the job position as a leading director/manager of the millions-of-euros-worth project related to the reconstruction of his hometown. He stated that he brought 30 yrs of Canadian managerial experience to the local government, and that he had an MBA diploma. He got the job without any official job advertisement, with no background check, and with no proper information about his Canadian (un)employment. The mayor, Mr. Opara, simply trusted him, as he explained in the newspapers.

However, the mayor belongs to that same HDZ (Croatian Democratic Union) leading government party, known for its most corruptive actions in the recent history of Croatia. It is the same government that, a couple of years ago, supported and verified ‘ The Istanbul Convention: The Council of European Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence ‘ – just another (potentially) corruptive project where hundreds of thousands of euros have been shared between government representatives and their friends who should, in reality, protect women. At the same time, jobs have been shared under the table, suggesting that the money could be, if not already, directly or indirectly received by those who, in reality, abuse women. Politics through hidden communism, job positions, success, sex, money, and psychopathy – all this is so much related but let’s leave this topic for later.

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